Delivering Cat Food to Neighbors in Need

This was an exhausting, but good week – I had the opportunity to deliver hundreds of pounds of cat food to neighbors managing cat colonies via the Pgh Cat Food Drive.

We helped trap one lost cat (see that story here) and we are on the trail of another missing cat who escaped his trap while going to HAR to be neutered. I’ve seen that second cat, Diddy, on my trail camera several times. Here’s hoping.  During all of this, I trapped two of our colony members, Pretty Girl and Stavros Cassadine, both of whom will be released soon. They are fully vaccinated, vetted, spayed, etc.

That’s a total of five cats we’ve trapped and had neuter/spayed/vetted since January. There are 20+ cats so it is going to be a long drudging summer.

We are also getting a better idea of what foods each colony needs. The people aren’t finicky, but the cats are – just like house cats! So right now we need these things the most. It will change next week.

Meow Mix dry
Meow Mix wet food
Friskies Canned Food – all flavors
Kit & Kaboodle dry
Regular Purina Cat Chow in the dark blue bag (not teal)

We’ve also been asked for traps. That’s a bigger donation – in the $80 to $110 range. But they are necessary tools. I assed them to our general list. We will lend them out so they get the most use. Trap covers are a nice way to support an Etsy creator and help neighborhood cats.

We have our general feral cat food donation list where you can see what we need.

And here are some photos for your enjoyment




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