Presbyterian Bashing? PG Reader Defends Church From Homo Lovers

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

James M. Edwards of Squirrel Hill is not happy with Carol Mullen of Edgewood.  So very not happy that he took the time out of his busy schedule of sanctimonious self-congratulations to pen a little missive to the Post-Gazette.  Edwards took umbrage with a letter Mullen had published on December 26 offering her insight into the […]

West VA Sheriff Refused CPR, Gay Man Dies, Civil Rights Case Moves Forward

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Back in March, we reported on the West Virigina Sheriff who denied CPR to a dying gay man under the pretext that the man was HIV+.  The man, Claude Greene, died later that evening at a local hospital.  Greene's friend was present at the scene but was physically prevented from performing CPR by Robert K. […]

Why Pittsburgh Libraries Rock er, Tango ?

The Post-Gazette's Big Kahuna himself , David Shribman, dedicated his weekly column to a subject near and dear to our hearts – public libraries.  It seems some libraries are contemplating replacing underutilized classics with modern hot properties to conserve shelf space.  Ick!  Shribman correctly points out the damage this move can cause: Some of the slow-moving […]

A Cool School Chick – Heather Arnet Backed for School Board

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Kudos to the District 2 School Board Coalition for endorsing Heather Arnet to run for the school board seat being vacated by Highland Park resident Patrick Dowd.   Arnet, also a Highland Park resident, is the Executive Director of the Women and Girls Foundation of Southwestern Pennsylvania.  The Correspondents (and the Lesbians) are long-time fans of […]

Massachusetts Lawmakers Keep Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Alive

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

Lawmakers in Massachusetts are in the midst of a Constitutional Convention and a vote today paved the way for a constitutional amendment barring gay marriage to move forward.  To make it onto the ballot, the amendment must pass in another legislative session. You might recall the Massachusetts is the only state in which gay marriage […]

The search for weapons of heterosexual destruction — Mary Cheney’s baby garners yet another opinion piece

Pgh Lesbian Correspondents

The PG ran an interesting commentary by Slate's William Saletan who contemplates the oft-cited but never actually proven claim that homosexuals are not fit parents. The 30-year search for proof that gay parents are destructive looks a lot like the hunt for WMD. Saletan uses the conception and pregnancy of Mary Cheney to illustrate his […]

What’s the story with True, Pittsburgh’s Gay Bar on the Northside?

This caught my eye in the June 2006 edition of Pittsburgh's OUT, the monthly gay newspaper.  Click on the image to read the full text of the ad. We liked True b/c they had a coffee bar and were smoke free.  We didn't go often, but it seemed busy enough as we drove by.  And […]

Is Catherine Specter Inching Toward Feminism?

This morning, I flipped to the “Just Ask Cat” segment in the PG and almost spilled my coffee.  No, she still has the rich girl slumming as hipster yinzerette photo up.  Its way more interesting than that. And you know how much I look forward to reading Cat's insipid advice each week.  Cat stood up […]

Howard Dean Loves the Homos and the 700 Club

DNC Chairman Howard Dean was in town this weekend to address the annual convention of the National Stonewall Democrats aka “gay Democrats.”  Dean told the assembled faithful that Stonewall has made the party “stronger, more inclusive, more courageous, more tenacious.” (PG) Mr. Dean said DNC operatives had been instructed to work with the gay community […]