As you may know, California is the scene of a critical trial on Proposition 8 right now.  It was originally supposed to be broadcast, but the US Supreme Court nixed that.  Your best bet is to follow the live Twitter feed vis a vis #Prop8.  Contributors/observers include the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Advocate as well as a host of individuals. 

Live tweeting sure has revolutionized legal proceedings. The Post-Gazette has been embroiled in a bit of a hue and cry over Tracie Mauriello's tweeting from the Bonusgate trial.  With PA House elections right around the corner, folks should be paying attention. 

What does the “Coakley Effect” mean for the LGBTQ community?  More of nothing.  Maybe I'm ridiculous for thinking Onorato will do something about domestic partner benefits …

Apparently for the duration, as long as the White House feels politically vulnerable, and believes that LGBT citizens are not seen as in dire need of removal of institutional discrimination. There is no urgency being created by those who advocate for us, or direction to tell the community how to express the frustration and lack of dignity with which Congress and this White House has treated the LGBT community.

She hasn't even lost at this point and the vulnerability means well, how do you do “less than nothing” in terms of LGBTQ civil rights? 

Other stuff of interest

Feministing has an interesting and oft-overlooked perspective on abortion. 


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