Rene Portland: Could PFLAG Help?

Rene Portland:  Could PFLAG Help?

Rene Portland wins basketball games. She brings out the basketball best in her players. She knows her craft. But is Rene Portland is a good coach? A front-page story in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette takes an in-depth look at Portland's background, including her professional successes. She uses a “Mommy” approach to her team — monitoring their […]

Trib : Portland Proves Hate Okay

Trib :  Portland Proves Hate Okay

The Trib's Mike Seate steps up for his turn on the Rene Portland homobashing situation and considers Portland a viable candidate for Pennsylvania politics. [I]nstead of offering any apologies or explanations for her bigotry and paranoia, Portland held a news conference last week where she refused to answer any questions. In fact, she pretty much […]

Post Gazette Applauds Penn State Stance on Rene Portland

  The Post-Gazette Editors have spoken — (emphasis mine) We applaud university President Graham Spanier for upping the penalty from the initially suggested and insultingly negligible one-game suspension to a $10,000 fine. Perhaps the punishment should have been more severe. Had she discriminated against a player on the basis of race or ethnicity, she'd likely […]

More sports folks weigh in on Rene Portland's gay bashing

From Sunday's Post-Gazette, sports colunist Ron Cook calls for Rene Portland to be fired. What in the world is the Penn State administration thinking by allowing Portland to stay on as coach after its half-year internal investigation determined she created a “hostile, intimidating and offensive environment” for at least one of her players whom she […]

Penn State "reprimands" lesbian baiter coach

Penn State "reprimands" lesbian baiter coach

Proving once again that athletics trumps anything else in higher education, Penn State has issued a “letter of reprimand” to Rene Portland for her lesbian baiting ways.  AND it will go in her permanent file … ooohhhhh.  This is so utterly pathetic … they acknowledge that Rene Portland harassed Jennifer Harris, but don't deem it […]

Rene Portland – Gay Protest … AGAIN

Big Gay Picture has a little update on anti-Rene Portland protests at Penn State women's basketball games … Here's a quote from Rene Portland that sums up the entire situation (and she is oblivious to the irony) “Can we just talk about basketball? You guys have tried for six goddamn months, excuse my language,” Portland […]