(Another) Update on Pgh Radio Stations Airing Anti-Trans Advertisement

So there’s some confusion about what’s happening with the radio ads containing the anti-trans content.

As of the end of last week, Kiss 96.1, Q92.9, and WAMO 107.3 had pulled the ad. That left five stations. On Saturday we received some imprecise information about the other ads – it appears what happened is that I Heart Radio pulled the ads from their two local stations WDVE and WXDX and possibly nationwide, but that’s still to be confirmed.

However I received reports over the weekend that 99.7 and KDKA AM 1020 continued to air the ads. The confusion is that we have five stations and three different broadcasting companies. I Heart Media, Audacy, and Renda Broadcasting.
Renda owns WSHH 99.7 and 17 other stations around the country.

Audacy owns KDKA AM & FM, 93.7 The Fan, 100.7 Star, Y108, B94 and 10 total stations in the region, more nationally.
These ads continue to hurt and traumatize people. I don’t understand why this message is so hard for them to grasp or act on, but we have to keep pushing.

I suggest the best course of action is to contact the broadcasters and make these points

  • the ads are offensive and unacceptable & should be pulled immediately
  • you want to know which of their stations “made the buy” for the ads and which did not
  • you want the ads pulled from all of their stations nationwide
  • And a commitment not to accept similar ads in the future.

And please circle back to me to help me update. I’ve called everyone and reached noone.

Here’s the station contact information.

I Heart Radio

  • WDVE 102.5 Studio Line: 412-333-9383 Business Line: 412-937-1441 *Also they are the home of the Steelers so call the Steelers
  • 105.9 the X Studio Line: 412-333-WXDX Business Line: 412-937-1441 *Also they are home of the Penguins so call the Penguins
  • We THINK I Heart Media has made this commitment but we need confirmation.


  • Y108 Studio/Contest Phone 412-922-1079 Business Office Phone 412-920-9400
  • KDKA AM & FM Studio/Contest Phone 866-391-1020 Business Phone 412-920-9400 *Also they are home of the Pirates so call the Pirates

Renda Broadcasting

  • WISH 99.7 412-875-9500 | Station Front Desk Reception 412-333-WISH (9474) | Studio


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