Warning: Pittsburgh Radio Stations Airing Vicious Anti-Trans Ad

CN: transphobia, poor science, lies, radio stations

Last week, word spread on Facebook that some of our beloved local radio stations were airing a vicious transphobic spot. Some attach disclaimers, others do not. The stations that others have identified to me include WDVE 102.5, WAMO 107.3, WISH 99.7, WKST 96.1, WLTJ 92.9, and WDSY 108 have been listed so far. ** WKST 96.1 has pulled the ad after their on-air talent stood up for trans kids.

I want to confirm with the stations, but it is important to warn folx. This ad is truly awful. Don’t listen with your kids in the car. Be careful with your own heart.

I dislike the notion of amplifying this horrible vitriol, but over the weekend someone on Facebook shared that they were in their car with their young trans child when the ad came on the radio – she had no idea what was coming on the airwaves. She didn’t expect her kid to hear this. And now this person and her children will only be listening to public radio in the car. So good job 92.9 in traumatizing a young listener and then losing them permanently. 

This is rough transcript of this ad. Note that the first few seconds were not recorded.

” <Intro> To make it easier for boys to take estrogen to appear more feminine. They wanna make it easier for girls to take testosterone so they grow facial hair. Biden and the New Left want to let kids take puberty blockers to keep them from developing into men and women. These drugs can leave you sterile, infertile, impotent. Biden and the New left even want to make it easier for teens and young adults to get surgery to remove breast and genitals. They would allow boys in our daughter’s bathrooms and sports teams, and now the Biden administration is planning to issue new rules that will push doctors to prescribe dangerous drugs and worse, to facilitate these changes on fake charges of discrimination, tell President Biden and left wing leaders across America hands off our kids paid for by America First Legal Foundation.”

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This ad was purchased by the American First Legal Foundation

This foundation was established by Stephen Miller and includes a stellar cast of extremist rightwing actors.

Clearly, the stations have an ethical obligation to offset the harm they’ve inflicted on all of us. What does that look like? Will any of them care?

If you have clips of the full ad, please email to me. And contact the stations. Ask them what they are doing to support trans folx to offset the trauma. Make suggestions.

Airing blatant lies hurts all listeners.

Stay tuned … but maybe to public radio and podcasts for now.


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  • I complained to our local station here in Atlanta, Q997 because of thisxsamevad. They said they’d “look into it, but had no say on what ads are played”… I’ve heard it twice since then… Its seriously heinous and dangerous…

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