Haters Gonna Hate or the Latest Northsider Who Thinks It is Okay To Harass Trans Kids & Remove Yard Signs

The #ProtectTransKids campaign is still bursting with requests – we just placed another order for signs and the first batch of stickers went out in today’s mail.

You are doing a solid job protecting trans kids, the one at the epicenter of this project, and all of the trans kids (of all ages) who see your signs and stickers. Thank you for that.

Today, I learned that a member of one of the Northside ‘Buy Not a Thing’ groups was upset that I was promoting the signs and stickers in the group. She thinks it is political content, not suitable for a community group. What’s worse, when a moderator posted about her signs being stolen from her yard – this woman said she would also take down the signs.

Read for yourself:

It makes a lot more sense (not really) if you see the entire thread, but I’m too tired to do all that editing. This is a person who lives on the Northside, owns a business, has a family, participates in Facebook groups, and probably (not really) claims to be a good Christian.

What’s heinous here is that she hid her transphobic bigotry in some pathetic claim about the politics of gender identity infringing on her Facebook experience. When she encountered resistance, she got mean and made threats along with several pretty nasty comments. Then she deleted them, but screenshots live on …

Let’s review. She

  • equates trans kids with child abuse
  • accuses parents of forcing kids to transition
  • is ignorant of how gender identity works (no one changes their gender)
  • thinks it is okay to tresspass to take down signs that she doesn’t agree with
  • has no grasp of free speech
  • doesn’t like commas or hyphens (she’s not a Gen Xer, I can tell you)
  • falsely considers herself respectful but she says “you are a narrow headed simple minded Biden loving nuisance of this world” what does that even mean? How does she know the size of Jenny’s head? What is a nuisance of the world? How did President Biden get drawn into this – to my knowledge, he has not requested a sign but then again neither have most of the Western Pennsylvania elected officials so … I have so many questions

The admins removed her immediately and posted a strong and stern defense of trans kids and the signs. They are handling their part. I do know who this woman is, but I opted not share her name or her profile because she has kids. I do think she should be accountable for her conduct, but that’s not my focus. I take comfort knowing her kids are growing up in a generation that absolutely affirms and respects gender identity.

What I’m going to do is to ask folx on the Northside (and anywhere) to plant a sign in your front yard. Our requests went way up today after the admin posted that same request – fight hate speech with more speech. If we get folx from each Northside neighborhood to post signs directly in response to her nasty, mean-spirited flavor of bigotry, that’s a solid response.

So ask folx you know on the Northside neighborhoods to request a sign. Send them some stickers. Ask the businesses you know to post a sign in their window if they can’t plant it.

Overall theft/damage has been minimal. We have been able to replace these signs and it is less than 2% of our total. If your sign is vandalized or damaged, please let PLC know. We hope for each sign that is removed, we can get two up in its place. That depends upon you.

There is no reality in which being unwilling to plant this sign because of “politics” is acceptable. I just wrote a blog post about a 33-year-old Black trans woman who was shot to death in Detroit, the 29th trans person to be murdered in the US this year. If you are afraid of the cost to your, your business, your reputation, your friends opinions, your family ranting,etc – what are you even thinking? This boils down to a grown adult thinking it was okay to post a nine-foot sign with harmful, targeted language in her yard facing directly into the window of a 15-year-old kid. What if that was your kid? Would you be okay if someone declined to stand with you because it might hurt their bottom line or make your uncle uncomfortable? If so, you are paying the way for people like this woman above to feel okay making all these ridiculous threats. If you don’t say something, who else will?

Yes, this is political because Republicans have made gender identity and the kids a partisan football in their games. It is not a partisan issue that gender identity should be respected, that all children deserve to be safe in their home, that adults should not harass and try to intimidate children. The other political element is what you are going to do about that? Will you plant a sign or will you say nothing and allow this vicious bigotry and ignorance to continue hurting kids?

We will continue to order new signs as long as we have requests (and donations.)

Request a sign AND stickers bit.ly/ProtectsTransKidsSigns

Donations can be made via

The Northside of Pittsburgh is comprised of City  District 1 District 6. The following are all of the neighborhoods that live within the umbrella of Pittsburgh’s Northside. 

Allegheny Center

Is a central neighborhood of the Northside flats, it houses the Childrens Museum, National Aviary, The New Hazlett Theater and more. The most prominent feature of this neighborhood is Allegheny Commons park that surrounds the neighborhood. 

Allegheny West

A historic neighborhood west of Allegheny Commons Park with a bustling business district. Allegheny West became known in the late 19th century as a place for the rich with Rdige Ave being known as “Millionaire’s Row” because of all the mansions that lined the street. 

Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights is a neighborhood on a hill overlooking the Ohio River. This neighborhood has a varied mix of stately architecture that makes the neighborhood unique and friendly to buyers looking for differing asthetics.


A negihborhood that used to be a rail yard and is now comprised of mostly rowhouses built in the late 1800s. The California-Kirkbride neighborhood is historic because it shows the evolution of style and design of row housing in the Great Pittsburgh Metro Area. 


The neighborhood of Chateau runs along the Ohio River and serves as a hub for businesses instead of residential dealings. Rivers Casino, The Carnegie Science Center and Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild (don’t let the name fool you) are all located in this business neighborhood. 

Deutschtown & East Deutschtown

Previously named East Allegheny this neighborhood rebranded as Deutschtown due to its strong German roots during the neighborhood development in the 1850s. The neighborhood has been cut into two because of the construction of  I-279 which split the neighborhood which spans from Allegheny Commons Park to Troy Hill. 


The neigborhood of Fineview is exactly that, a neighborhood filled with “Fine-Views.” Mid-way through the Northside Hill this neighborhood has expanisve views of Pittsburgh’s Downtown, East-End and West-End. The Fineview Overlook is a main attraction for visitors and Pittsburghers. 


This neigborhood houses the largest historic district in Pittsburgh because it is filled with early 19th century Victorian-style houses. Manchester runs along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail System and is mainly residential. 

Marshall-Shadeland (Brightwood)

Marshall-Shadeland is a distinct neighborhood that some refer to as a “valley village.” Marshall-Shadeland has been called many different names over the year but it has always been a neighborhood filled with many different ethnic groups with frame houses stacked on the hillside.

Mexican War Streets

Is one of the Northside’s historic district and is filled with mostly Victorian-era row houses. The name stems from the creation of the neighborhood which dates to the Mexican-American War and the neighborhood streets named after battles and generals of the war.


Northshore runs along the Allegheny River and houses the Stadiums for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates as well as the Andy Warhol Museum.

Northview Heights

Previously apart of the Reserve Township this Northside Neighborhood was annexed by Pittsburgh in the 1930’s. The neighborhood is a truly residential neighborhood with a large public housing project that started the neighborhood after the annexation.

Observatory Hill

The highest elevation in Pittsburgh is at the top of this neighborhood on the hill which is home to the large Riverview Park and Allegheny Observatory.

Perry Hilltop

Perry Hilltop gets its name from the street Perrysville Avenue which runs throughout the neighborhood. This avenue was section of the Venango trail (a Native American path) which lead to Erie, PA.  

Spring Garden

Spring Garden is a smaller neighborhood that was created due to the slaughterhouses and tanneries that were prominent in this neighborhood. This neighborhood now is mainly row homes.

Spring Hill

Spring Hill is known for the abundance of springs near the neighborhood as well as being one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Pittsburgh.

Summer Hill

Summer Hill is the smallest Northside Neighborhood. Since 2000 the neighborhood has been steadily increasing in population.

Troy Hill  

The neighborhood of Troy Hill was historically a German neighborhood and sits atop a plateau. Troy hill has 6 historic Landmarks one of which is the Saint Anthony’s Chapel.


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