First Pitch Not-So-Perfect: The Training Montage

My Mum would say “Oh, Susan!” if I was able to tell her that my pitching coach for the upcoming Pride Night at PNC Park was Dok Harris, son of her beloved Franco Harris.

Let me tell you, he’s a great coach. He sent me videos to watch. He kept urging me to stretch. He brought me a hemp extract pain relief gel (DouleuRX) for my shoulder and elbow. He was incredibly encouraging. He laughed with me when I made a mistake. He kept bringing my attention back to the basic principles. He was very nice to my nephew who fielded the balls. He posed for photos and took the time to make a training montage. I’m icing my shoulder as I type this.

Laura and Sarah were also incredibly supportive and encouraging. While there’s no way I can get the ball across the plate for reals, I am somewhat confident I can throw it 30 feet which is half the distance. I know I can throw it that far, I’m just a little unsure about hitting the glove.

We’d love to have you join us at the ballpark. You can buy tickets through Pittsburgh LGBTQ Charities (PLC) at Join us to see the most unlikely person in the world to throw a first pitch. I will be glad to see my lifelong friend, the Pirate Parrot, catching for me.


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