I Watched ‘The Tragedy of MacBeth’ With My Cats

I can’t recall the last time I watched a performance of MacBeth and Laura has never seen it before so this was a good way to spend our Saturday evening. With cats. Sharing the screen are some of our foster kittens and some of our resident critters.

The seal-tipped Siamese kitten is six month old Horton, a female who is available for adoption.

The white flame-point Siamese kitten, Logan, looks solid white on-screen. Also available for adoption.

The orange cream DSH, Quartermaine, is also a six month old available for adoption. Not really into movies.

The older black DLH sitting on the mantel is our resident cat, Helena Cassadine who pretty much lives in the bedroom.

The tortoiseshell DSH is Artemis, a resident cat who was among our first foster kitten batch.

The gray tabby is Kinzua, a resident cat who refuses to accept that he is no longer the baby.

The adult seal-tipped Siamese is Grandma Coco who has been with us for 13 years.

And scene …

Logan is scared. Kinzua sez “Don’t touch me.”
Just a little cuddle?

I hear the trees. And the birdies.
He’s listening but pretending not to …
I know how to bring forth blood.

Interesting imagery.
What are you looking at, Denzel?
I’m right here, look at me.
That looks a little creepy.
I’m still here.
What’s a thane?
Read what Denzel said …
No menz

Horton is so upset it is over and wants to watch again immediately. Helena Cassadine thinks “this is amateur villain stuff, let me tell you how many times I brought people back from the dead …


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