Cats Need Help – A Complete List

I know that I’ve asked a lot lately – it certainly has been a rough month year.

A friend asked to summarize the various needs so this post is for them and for anyone who is interested in helping.

Marshall-Shadeland Cat Colony

A friend has been working hard to manage a colony of cats on a single street in MS. The original cats’ owner passed, her cats ran outside, reproduced, and there are upwards of 50 cats.

Since October 11, she has TNRVd 31 cats and believes there another 20 or so. Most are young, 4-8 months. She was able to take the 31 cats to the Humane Animal Rescue Spay-a-Thon but will need to use City vouchers for the other 20. The 31 are in foster homes for the winter and she hopes to place them with rescues and shelters rather than release them. She’s also going to continue trapping the rest of the colony.

How to Help

  • Donate litter. Biggest expense. They are using paper pellets (Yesterday’s News or a generic version.) A few need Tidy Cat glade.
  • Cat food. Purina Cat Chow Naturals Indoors (to help put weight on the cats)
  • Canned cat food – any brand such as Friskies, Fancy Feast, 9 Lives, etc
  • Financial donations to cover veterinary expenses – she’s running them here and there and everywhere to clinics and affordable options. All of them have upper respiratory infections and are on eye meds, etc.
  • If you live near Ridgeland St and are willing to work with the rescuer to allow her to put shelters and feeding stations on your property – backyard or near treeline – that will help her trap the others more quickly.

Donations can be brought to my home: 1439 W. North Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15233 or dropped in our back parking pad which has an address, too: 1440 Faulsey Way Pittsburgh, PA 15233 – look for the gravel/grass lot with the fence and some cat shelters.

Fort Faulsey Feral Colony

This is our colony. We’ve talked about it many times, including this recent post about a cat we TNVRd in 2019. This crew has had a very tough year – their house was torn down, their feeding station was towed away without notice, neighbors have been difficult. We TNRVd 20+ cats this year, but have some new friends showing up.

We have a long term plan to create a safer space for them, but for now – they are exposed in all directions. I bought 15 bales of straw to build a wall/wind break for them. But their feeding stations are ratty and tattered. Replacing them with sturdy solid feeders will cost $119/each. We need more bales of straw. More shelters. More everything.

Most of all, we need more me. I’ve been pretty ill these past months and finding the energy to move around the colony and continue adjusting to the changes is hard on me.

How to Help

Foster Kittens

Without intending to do so, we now have six foster kittens – two sets of three siblings. The big kittens aka #FineviewFelines have been with us since August and are about five months old. The baby kittens aka #DavisGirls have been with us since the end of September and are about eight weeks old.

The elders (Logan, Horton, and Quartermaine) are doing very well. They were recently reintroduced to each other in our bedroom where they are practicing their big kitty manners and enjoying a bigger space. They will be listed soon.

The babies (Kristina, Sam, and Molly) had three whole days of good health after their nasty GI illness until there were diagnosed with ringworm. I’m so sad for them because they were going to be set free from their crate and moved to the bathroom for more room to play and run and enjoy the sun in the window. Not now.

How to Help

  • Everything they used has to be disposable or washable/sanitizable. We need aluminum pans to use for litter and throw away daily. We need towels that can be washed and bleached. We need quart sized “takeout” containers to use for food and water and throw away daily.
  • They need toys that can be washed. They love a fishing pole toy, but it is impossible to sanitize so we need like 20 of them. They love sisal toys, but they are impossible to clean. Catnip toys don’t do well in the wash. They have balls but they need a cuddle. So washable cuddle toys? We can only touch them when wearing gloves for at least two weeks.  Sigh.
  • A box of 13 gallon cinch style kitchen trash bags and a box of contractor bags to accommodate all of the excess trash.
  • Food helps. We have a wish list.
  • Financial donations to cover their medications, the supplies, and the impact on their foster organization will help as well.
  • Surgical booties and gowns would be great.

As part of our commitment to Pittsburgh Northside Cat Folx, we will share all excess items and rehome things that are useful after our needs are met.

Pittsburgh Cat Food Drive

Our effort to support caretakers of local cat colonies will continue under the mantle of the Dr. John P. Ruffing Pet Food Projects. We urge you to consider donating to any one or more of the caretakers from their wishlists or make a donation from the general list.

Our caretakers come from many neighborhoods – Northside, Carnegie, Robinson, New Derry, Ambridge, Munhall, Hill District, Oakland, West Mifflin and beyond. Most are older either retired or disabled or both. Several are veterans.

How to Help

  • Individual wish lists 
  • Donate food to rescue groups who are all-volunteer and doing TNVR work. Most of the caretakers are supported by these particular rescues.
  • Help us find a drop-off spot on the Northside (preferably) where packages can be shipped and people can walk-in with donations.

Questions? Willing to volunteer? Email

Pittsburgh Pet Food Projects


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