Our Samhain Blessing from Jennie Jane – She Returns Two Years After Her TNVR

We have had a #Samhain miracle, a visit from a cat-sith or cait sidhe (Well, sort of.)

 On Samhaine (All Hallow’s E’ve) “a saucer of milk was set out on the steps for them, for they would pass blessings on those houses for the gifts.  If you failed to place out the offering, they would curse your cows causing their milk to dry.

Pittsburgh TNR
Jennie Jane before TNR

Remember Jennie Jane? She is the mother of our #kittenkaboodle – she was trapped by Karen Sable in July 2019, spayed, and released in our backyard. She never came back. But we knew she had a chance at a much better life.

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Fast forward to Halloween 2021. She walked up to me at #FortFaulsey and started eating. Just like she did that every day. She interacted comfortably with Stavros, Pretty Girl, Callie et al. Clearly she’s part of the colony.

My jaw dropped.

Jennie Jane
Jennie Jane, Halloween 2021

I had caught glimpses of a cat that might be her on trail cam images, but I never saw her in person so I just thought it was wishful thinking. I think about her quite a bit. She didn’t want to live inside. It would have taken a long time to socialize her and there are very few foster slots for long-term work. I hoped she would return to Miss Mary Jane’s house, but we never saw her again. We didn’t begin caretaking for that colony until December 2020, but we did look for her.

Until Halloween. I took enough photos to capture her unique coloring and compare with old photos. She’s a big sturdy girl for a feral.

More magic from Miss Mary Jane who is the only spirit that would look out for a scraggly feral kitty for two years.

There’s a reason Jennie Jane revealed herself to me on Samhain. She’s not a black cat-sith, but perhaps she knows we’ve been leaving out the “saucers of milk” all these months and she’s blessing us? Or blessing the new set up?

I’m so grateful she is there.


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