Lesbian Finalist in Three Categories for City Paper ‘Best of Pittsburgh’ Poll #BestofPgh

It is a nice year to be a contender because we can potentially actually visit the winners – maybe, depending on how well we follow the guidelines.

That’s progress!

I am honored to be a finalist (the top ten vote getters) in three categories.

  • Best Local Blog – so this isn’t all me and I’ve won several times, but it is flattering to still be a contender on the waning side of 50. When my niblings try to “Aunt Karen” me – I have credentials to challenge their assumptions.
  • Best Writer – wow, so this is amazing to simply make the Top Ten list. Going head to head with Deesha Philyaw, Damon Young, and Tony Norman? Gene Collier? Brian Boome? Cameron Barnett? I incredibly self-conscience of how I craft this particular bullet point. Seriously, I’m googling ‘grammar 101’ right now. Please note how many of the finalists are LGBTQIA+.We are queer and typing furiously.
  • Best Pandemic Relief Campaign – I’m so proud that the Pgh MasQue ProjecT was recognized in this category. Many, many folks worked hard to get these masks out to our community over the past 12+ months. I secretly would love to win in this category more than the others. We are one of the only nominees that is specifically focused on pandemic relief and arose to meet that need.

The categories are filled with representative options, including quite a few queer folks and businesses. I’ll create a list of recommended nominees in the coming days. But go look for yourself right now.

Vote for me, my friends. Even if I don’t win (or we don’t win) a category, it helps to show that the LGBTQIA+ community has community support.

Why are you still reading this post? Go, vote. You have until the end of September, but it is easy for time to slip away. Lord, don’t we know that by now …

[T]his issue is as much for the readers as it is for the winners. These awards mean very very much to so many of the winners, but this issue — down to the name! — is for the readers. They are the writers of the issue. They decide the nominations, they decide the winners, and they pick up the issue to see who they chose. – Lisa Cunningham, Editor-in-Chief, Pittsburgh City Paper



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