SisTers PGH to protest Black trans exclusion from Sen. Casey’s Pride Month celebration.

For previous Bob Casey inclusion issues, check out this 2017 post I wrote.

Senator Bob Casey Excludes Black Trans Voices From Pride Event 6/29/2021

This afternoon, Sen. Bob Casey will be hosting a Pride Month celebration featuring special guest and hometown icon Billy Porter, among others. Panelists at this event are supposed to be discussing the important work that remains to be done in fighting for full equality for the TLBGQ+ community and in ensuring our youth have every opportunity to thrive. Yet Black trans voices were excluded from this event, even after we reached out to provide representation and after allies suggested our inclusion to the organizers.

How can Pennsylvania celebrate and acknowledge Pride without honoring Black and trans people? Without even recognizing our voices?

Black and trans people have always been at the heart of the movement for liberation, yet we continue to be pushed to the sidelines. Worse, we are outright ignored, and often by those who call themselves allies.

Today, SisTers PGH will be protesting outside and within the event at the Tepper School of Business (4765 Forbes Avenue) at 12:15 PM. We will always find a way to lift our voices and tell our stories, and this is one way we will do just that. We ask comrades to show up in solidarity bringing awareness that Black Trans Lives do matter and should be centered when having discussions about PRIDE.

We also recommend everyone donate to Black trans-led organizations, including SisTers PGH (, Brave Space Alliance (, GLITS (, Marsha P. Johnson Institute (, For The Gworls (@forthegworls), House Of Tulip @houseoftulip, Black Trans Femmes In The Arts, (@btfacollective), and more.

The fight for Black trans liberation continues. Meet us there.
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Black Trans Representation Matters
Black Trans Lives Matter
No Pride For Some Of Us Without Pride For All Of Us


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