Tales from the Pgh Cat Ladies – TNRing the Gingers

Over the past two weeks, we’ve successfully trapped two different ginger male cats – Ginger Snap and Captain Kirk (because of his long flowing locks.)

Ginger Snap practically walked into the trap, struggled a teeny bit, but was rubbing the hand of his new foster mom before he was even out of the crate. He was neutered, tested, vaccinated, etc. And now he’ll be in foster care until he finds a forever home.

TNR Pittsburgh
Ginger Snap showed up a few days earlier and seemed bewildered.

Captain Kirk wandered into the trap pretty quickly, but was unhappy. He went to stay with an experienced rescuer until his scheduled neuter with Fix ‘n Wag’n. In her opinion, he needed to be released back into his community because the amount of energy required to socialize a very feral cat is enormous and limits the focus on cats that can be socialized.

TNR Pittsburgh
Captain Kirk realizes he beamed down to the wrong place

So I picked him up this morning and took him to the lot where we feed them. I barely opened the crate before he was gone, zooming into the abandoned house where they hang.

I was a little sad, but knew it was for the best. His little sister had been moping since he was trapped so they would be reunited. He was neutered, vaccinated, and in good health. He has access to a shelter and regular food, as well as clean water. We will keep trapping until we get all four of the kittens/cats. Once they are an established TNRd colony, they will become good neighbors – hunting rodents, being cared for by us, and hopefully preventing other cats from moving into the area.

TNR Pittsburgh
Kirk is ready to GO

There will also be no more kittens from this group. That’s a big win.

If we had known about them in mid-summer, we likely could have trapped them before they were too feral. So we’ll simply do our best to care for them and keep our eyes peeled for other feral cats in this block.

If you are able to help us fund these TNR efforts, we have a crowdfund going.

We also have an Amazon wishlist.

In fact, we have multiple wishlists for multiple caretakers.

TNR Pittsburgh
Ginger Snap is so relieved to be an inside kitty.


TNR Pittsburgh
Captain Kirk is glad to be back with his colony post TNR


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