Today, There are 366 New Reasons to Invest in the Pgh MasQUe ProjecT

Today, Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Department of Health reported 366 new cases. These individuals range in age from 3 months to 96 months with a median age of 35 years.

The State reports five new deaths in Allegheny County. One of those people was in their 20s.

Since March 14, there have been 18,339 cases of COVID-19, 1588 hospitalizations, and 453 deaths.

Here’s how you can help.

Since April, the Pittsburgh MasQue ProjecT has been connecting trans and queer neighbors with regular facemask deliveries. We’ve distributed about 7,700.

Not everyone can afford to buy masks at Target or Etsy. Not everyone feels safe venturing out, both for their health and personal safety. Not everyone has a car or bus fare. People might not know where to find a face mask, much less where to buy a face mask.

For these folx, we are often their only source. For other folx, we fill gaps and provide a safety net. They have backup masks to keep in the glove box and backpack and pockets. They have masks to use when its laundry day.

We need funds to pay for supplies, postage, packing, fabric, printing, etc. Right at this very minute, we have access to a 100% match on donations through the Elsie Hillman Foundation. If we raise $1800, we’ll get that matched and have our 2021 operating budget covered.

Then we’ll know the project is sustainable during dark months to come. Even if I get sick or an emergency need for masks pops up, the operation funds will be banked by our fiscal sponsor m, PGH Equality Center
and we can focus on distributions.

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Infections are on the rise, but donations have stalled. We need a lot of good people who understand the value of facemasks to donate right now. $5 and $10 donations add up with the match.

I really need to get this done and off my plate because I am tired and have great fear about running out of resources in 2021.

We cannot get any media coverage. We can’t get foundation help. Our volunteers are tired. We need a server to store our database. We need bins. We need brown lunch bags. We need to convince people to wear masks.
It’s just us taking care of each other.

If you can chip in something – anything – it will definitely help. If you can share, great.

Http://ioby com/masque (or see my fancy flyer below.)

Please help us.

where to find face masks


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