Facebook Wouldn’t Let Me Post this Content About Face Masks for LGBTQ People in My High School Alumni or Similar Groups

This was originally a FB post I tried to share in several West Mifflin Facebook groups because it involves two West Mifflin alumni (see below.) Facebook rejected it, no matter how much I edited it. This was not the fault of the moderators; they never saw it. Rather than beat my head against the Facebook wall, I decided just to publish on my blog. But seriously, wtf Facebook? – Sue

Sue Kerr Amy Fiore Garrison
Me and Amy in our high school senior photos. Thanks to another classmate, Amy Koempel Lee, for digging out the photos.

I’m grateful that my lifelong friend & ally, Dr. Amy Garrison, has volunteered along with her 16 year old daughter to help me with Pittsburgh MasQue ProjecT. We’ve distributed over 8000 masks since April. If you can support Amy and me along with the people we serve through this project, it would be one way to honor all of the LGBTQ kids, out and closeted, from our school days. We are both c/o 88.

I think about my departed friend John Ruffing (South, 84) who was brutalized in his school days. I think about my friend Keith Bajura (WMAHS, 87) who stood up to the bullies at great personal cost to himself and without much support.

Having an actual physician on our leadership team has been huge. I am grateful that Amy sees value in our project.

We are fundraising to cover operational expenses throughout 2021. We have a 100% match that will run out soon and we still need to raise about $1400 for a successful campaign.

Donate here –> DONATE

If you can chip in $ 5 or $10, it will be instantly doubled (while those funds last) and you will help Amy & I get back to distribution and volunteer management. Amy also has a face mask advice column on our FB page called #MaskAmy (get it?)

West Mifflin School District has evolved so much since 1988. They have a GSA, good policies, and lots of openly LGBTQ faculty and students. It’s like night and day.

And even if your personal beliefs differ from ours, we all win when people have face masks. Viruses don’t see any identity except human.

Http://ioby com/masque
Venmo @pghlesbian
Ca$hApp @pghlesbian

Also, if you need masks, please DM me or Amy and we’ll get you hooked up.


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