Can you lend me a laptop?

I’ve been without laptop for 24 days and it wasn’t working great for a month or so before that. My friend’s son kindly agreed to repair it because he loves cats and appreciates our work, but he’s stuck waiting on a part. For unknown period because it’s coming from overseas. He’s a lovely young man who did me a huge favor.

This laptop has been sturdy. I bought it gently used from Brittney Chantele so it has provenance and artistic history. I feel inspired using it, especially knowing it’s been repaired and not simply discarded. I’m also pleased I kept it clean for a cat lady.

But I am struggling. Trying to do all of this pandemic work on my phone and old tablet is soooooo frustrating. My fingers hurt, my eyes hurt. It’s not helping my struggle to tamp down hypomania symptoms.

If you have a laptop that I can borrow, please let me know. I just need a real keyboard and access to internet, no apps. It has to use Windows. I will take good care of it and will pay my friend’s son to clean it for you to remove cat hair.

I can’t justify buying new nor do I have energy to do my research. I’m definitely struggling. This could help. A computer will help.

The next phase for me is usually hypomania to bipolar depression. My treatment team and I are working on it. This is what some mental illness journeys look like. There are painful, jagged periods. We like broken electronics can be cast aside for new or we can be healed and bring our experiences with us.

I’m asking for help because there are many balls in the air. I need to move forward.


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