Pip & Lola’s Hopes to Sell 100 Bars of Soap to Donate to Northside Common Ministries by Monday

The residents of Pleasant Valley Shelter at Northside Common Ministries are sheltering in place, keeping safe and helping out as much as they can with the other life-sustaining operations like the food pantry. Their only real opportunity to get outside is to walk the shelter dog, Anne. NCM is a wonderful community resources and in particular one of the most culturally competent LGBTQ men’s shelters. The director has worked very closely with the trans community as well.

Earlier in the week, the director’s son put out a request on Facebook for donations of “things to do” sorts of items that are not technology based – puzzle books, crosswords, newspapers, magazines, books, board games, etc. He also mentioned that the residents are in need of items like disposable razors and soap.

A Facebook friend of mine reached out to Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade based in Homestead – they make soap! Great soap that they are now selling at a 25% discount. Laura and I bought six bars last month. They have a program called Suspended Soaps that allows customers to buy a bar of soap to donate to someone in need. Pip & Lola’s has a no-questions-asked supply available to people who walk in AND they share these donated bars with groups like Northside Common Ministries.

This weekend (Friday – Monday) they are trying to get 100 bars donated that will be divided between NCM and the Steel Valley School District. To help, you go to the Pip & Lola’s online store, look for Suspended Soaps (or click here) and add to your order. The suspended soaps you order will be set aside MATCHED by Pip & Lola’s, and distributed next week.

Northside Common Ministries is accepting puzzle, crossword puzzles, cards, boardgames, etc – you can drop off at the shelter 1601 Brighton Road between 8 AM and 8 PM any day of the week.


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