The Chilly Return of the Steel City Snowflakes

They are back …

Why Steel City Snowflakes?

I’m proud to be a snowflake. It certainly doesn’t feel like a slur. Snowflakes are sturdy, powerful, and flexible. They change form. And as a cluster, they can shut down anything.

How Does It Work?

In 2020, we created the Steel City Snowflakes project. The dedicated web page on this blog features a dynamic series of snowflakes falling, bouncing around, and filling the screen.

Each snowflake is created when someone invests in our work. The size of the snowflake is automatically determined by the donation amount. The donor submits a name and message. Readers click on each flake to read the messages.

Then. iIn 2021, the hosting company went defunct. But thanks to the intrepid coders at Tech4Society, we are back.

You click this form to submit your snowflake information.

Did You Deliberately Choose December to Launch?

Thus. the timing is great. Our blogiversary is December 29. Our crowdfund for legal expenses is winding up again. And … it snowed today.

This blog now has 18+ years of content to manage and store. We rely on software, applications, plug-ins, and other resources that cost money.

Why Do Blogs Need Donations?

The monthly total is $300-400. Our ad revenue is less than $50. We have a few Patreon sustaining donors. But the majority comes out of my pocket.

This fall, I was faced with the prospect of selling the blog to pay for a lawyer after my basic civil rights were violated. You came to my rescue, but I still have legal battles ahead. One could determine the fate of all domestic partnerships in Pennsylvania. Another will challenge civil rights abuses.

How Will You Use Donations?

So, your investment ensures we will continue to interview political candidates, that we memorialize victims of anti-trans terror, and that we create content about the robust experiences of LGBTQ folx.

Please consider joining the Steel City Snowflakes right now. You can use GoFundMe, PayPal, Venmo, and other applications.

We are proud snowflakes, social justice warriors, and politically correct folx. Join us right now!

Will $5/month pledge help?

Yes. Pledge now.

Can my business sponsor Steel City Snowflakes?

Absolutely. Sign up.


We need your help to save the blog.

For 18+ years,  snowflakes, social justice warriors, and the politically correct have built this blog.

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