Revisiting the 2002 Unsolved Murder of Jamie Stickle in Pittsburgh

Monday evening, KDKA ran a much hyped segment revisiting the cold case murder of Jamie Stickle in 2002. Jamie was a member of the LGBTQ community and a well-known local bartender. Her death was horrific – her body was incinerated in a fire set to her vehicle leaving little evidence for investigators.

They can’t even classify her death as a homicide because there was no sign of a cause of death. Still, her death is considered suspicious and her case remains open.

This segment was teased late last week and caught my attention with the hope that there was something new, perhaps a new theory or bit of evidence. So I was disappointed that this segment featured absolutely no information. Theories about Jamie’s murder abound ranging from her being targeted for a professional hit by local organized crime or a former lover. But there’s nothing conclulsive and nothing to go on until someone provides more information or evidence.

The efficient brutality of Jamie’s murder is difficult to contemplate. Was it skill, planning, or dumb luck that they were able to murder someone with such little evidence remaining behind?

Keeping her name alive is important for any hope of unearthing new information. And I know that Jamie’s friends and family hope for closure whatever that might look like. There is a reward for information that can be accessed by calling the Pittsburgh Police with tips or leads. I wish KDKA has been more straightforward that this segment was about revisiting known facts, not implying new information.

We don’t have a system locally to track LGBTQ violent deaths. I wish we could create a memorial garden or similar space to honor their lives and acknowledge their deaths.

Rest in power, Jamie. Your spirit lives on in the hearts and memories of your friends and family.


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