When I’m Down and Feeling Blue … Ten Times I Blogged About How to Help

Those who follow me on social media or know me in real time are probably aware of some current big struggles I’m facing.

It takes a toll. Today, two people I had believed were taking their own actions on these issues told me they have not done anything and keep asking me to identify how to help.

That’s precisely what I don’t know. I’m not a strategist or tactician, so maybe finding someone who is will help? I honestly don’t know. I have a lot of data points, but need folks to help make sense of the information.

I can’t ask the most vulnerable folks to do the heavy lifting and I shouldn’t have to. I should step out on that scary plank knowing other white queer cis folks are doing their share, not waiting for me to save myself AND make helpful suggestions.

Then I remember that I have offered suggestions over the years. Read on …

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If it’s not clear that a casserole and a gallon of Turner’s Iced Tea, muffins, donations, shares, etc go a long way when you don’t know how to help, I guess there’s always thoughts and prayers?


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