Local LGBTQ Links We Are Reading – March 18, 2018

We’ve compiled some links from around the region on LGBTQ themes. It is important to read the information and to pay attention to what your local media is sharing around LGBTQ topics. Best of all, consider submitting your own letter to the editor to your local outlet.

For Some Transgender People In Pittsburgh, Accessing Health Care Is Still A Challenge via WESA 90.5 FM

The Democrat won in Pennsylvania last night, but this gay journalist stole the show from LGBTQ Nation (PS: I had no idea Kornacki is gay!)

Republican gubernatorial candidate Laura Ellsworth posits she will support statewide non-discrimination protections for the LGBTQ community from the Trib

(I missed this) On Feb. 28 — as discussion turned to transgender issues, sexism and white male privilege — a dispute erupted pitting a student’s right to express himself against a professor’s authority to lead her class as she sees fit, without disruption as reported by the Post-Gazette. The PG’s #TeamBlock aka Editorial Department think we are being so mean to free speech. So, so mean.

Gender, bathroom wars and the Pa. GOP governor’s race: What are the issues? via Philly.com 

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Over in Johnstown, the Tribune-Democrat published a syndicated column bashing the Oscars Identity politics should get its own golden statue.

Also in the Trib-Dem, a letter to the editor from Francis E. Meyers II of Johnstown decrying the ‘decay of America’ with a list that identifies homosexual marriage and the homosexual lifestyle as the top two reasons.

At the Post-Gazette, Peter Smith didn’t pass up another opportunity to use the word ‘homosexual’ in a story about the LGBTQ community. And not in a constructive or actually professional way. #jagoff

The PG also ran a wire piece from the Miami Herald “LGBT seniors are at a higher risk of disability, disease and depression, study shows”

The PG #TeamBlock also thinks we need more moderate white cis het Christian male Democrats to make America great again.

Back to WESA for a segment ‘Transgender Teachers: In Their Own Voices’ which includes the perspective of at least one Pittsburgh based educator.

The Trib reran this piece “Olympic kisser to be Miami Beach Gay Pride grand marshal” which made me smile. 

The Trib also reviews ‘Fantastic Woman’ which is showing in Ligonier.

In Bloomsburg, PA – W.W. Bridal Boutique has decided they would rather close their doors than sell a wedding dress to me because I’m a lesbian.

What did we miss?


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