Why Are the Girl Scouts of Western PA, Woodland Hills High School Accepting Grants from the NRA?

NRA Lobbyist Dana Loesch is a horrible human being. That must always be said. But she did make me stop and think about how the NRA engages Americans.

Today, I dutifully contacted Amazon Prime about their involvement with the broadcast of NRAtv. Then I googled “NRA Foundation” and Pennsylvania. I found their 2016 Annual Report. Here’s the overview:

To that end, grants awarded to qualified programs from The NRA Foundation totaled nearly $34 million in 2016 and now approach $335 million in funding through 42,000 grants in support of the shooting sports. Funds raised by Friends of NRA continue to provide resources for expansion, growth and development of eligible programs at the local, state and national levels. Each year, half of all net proceeds raised
through the Friends of NRA program are allocated to fund projects within the state in which the money was raised. The other half funds similar projects with a national scope.
NRA Ring of Freedom members also continue to put their donations where their heart is, whether it’s in the shooting sports, hunting and conservation, law enforcement training, or programs geared toward our next generation of patriots. All contributions make a direct impact on the future of freedom.

In 2016, the NRA Foundation distributed $723,574 to Pennsylvania based projects. Only California and Texas received more money; most states were between $50-100,000. Why on earth is Pennsylvania getting so much money? Third out of 50?

As you would expect, a lot of those groups are sportsperson type organizations. But there are a few surprising recipients in our own backyard. Scroll down to pages 16-17 to see the Pennsylvania recipients.

  • Central Greene School District, Waynesburg Central High School
  • County of Greene
  • Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania, Inc.
  • Woodland Hills School District, Rifle Team Parent Booster Association

I was sort of shocked to see just how many public school systems take funds from the NRA. But Woodland Hills REALLY shocked me (or maybe not?)

But the true shocker for me is the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania. The GIRL SCOUTS are partnered with the NRA? Wow. Just not what I expected to find.

Then I looked at the 2015 report:

  • Allegheny County Office of the Medical Examiner
  • Forest Hills Rifle Team
  • Woodland Hills Rifle Team Parent Booster Association

Then 2014:

  • Allegheny County Schools, Plum High School
  • California University Student Association, Inc
  • McGuffey School District (Remember them from 2015?)

So let me be really clear – the funded projects are not detailed in this report and may be very worthwhile, solid projects. But anyone partnering with the NRA now in any capacity is condoning a horrifying message, certainly one inconsistent with public schools and the Girl Scouts.

And this is not about keeping the NRA out of schools and youth organizations. They are already deeply embedded in those very institutions to the tune of millions each year.

I’m going to start asking questions locally about NRA partnerships as well as continuing to pressure national groups like Amazon. You can sign this petition to increase pressure on Amazon.

This requires a lot of questions. And a lot more information about the NRA’s involvement in our lives. If you are going to lecture me about the Girl Scouts or any group on this list being a good organization who can’t afford to turn away (blood) money, I say “Tell that to Emma Gonzalez.”

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  • The question regarding school groups isn’t why did they take these funds. We know why. Schools are terribly underfunded and nobody cared much where they got their money as long as they weren’t asking the district for it. The question is, will they continue to do it in the current political climate?

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