Nominate Your Favs for the Pittsburgh Magazine Readers’ Poll

I’m not a glossy magazine type of person, but I’ve noticed Pittsburgh Magazine stepping away from the frou-frou and toward more actual journalism recently. That’s encouraging.

It is the time of year for their annual Readers’ Poll. So I’m going to make a list of all the folks I think deserve your vote. This sort of acknowledgement can go a long way for a small business, so it is a great time to lift up the small businesses you support.

Now, you know I’m going to say this – I think people who win should bow out the next year. So I’m not going to suggest them here even if I think they are awesome. Graciousness and creating space for others are important community building tools. However this is not about community building – it is about revenue building. The honorees want the accolades (we all do!) and the magazine wants to advertising revenue.

Nominate by February 28, then come back and vote after March 12.

  • Rules of Entry:
    In order for your nominations ballot to be counted, we ask that you vote in at least 10 categories.
  • No individual, business or event should be named more than three times on any one ballot.
  • Businesses are eligible if open by March 12, 2018.
  • Include the full name of the entity as well as the location, where applicable, or your votes cannot be counted. Some companies have similar names, such as the various Vincent’s and Tambellini’s restaurants. So please be specific.
  • Editors reserve the right to accept or reject suggestions based on response and space. Categories may also be removed if voting appears to have been stacked.
    Nominations end Wednesday, Feb. 28 at noon.
  • Final voting will begin Monday, March 12.
  • When voting, please name only Pittsburgh-affiliated individuals, businesses and events. For the write-in fields, please include the suggested category along with the business, event or individual’s name.

If you see this ~~~~, you’ll know that my nominee won last year and I think someone else deserves a chance this year.

Al Fresco – Nicky’s Thai Kitchen Northside & North Hills

Bakery – Priory Fine Pastries


Breakfast –

Brunch – Kierra Darshell’s Drag Brunch at the Pittsburgh Improv (formerly James Street)

Burger – ~~~~


Cheap Eats


Contemporary American – yeah, I don’t now what this is. it seems like I probably can’t afford it.



European – should we just vote for East Liberty restauranteers who promote food culture tourism for their white bank accounts?

Family-Friendly – ~~~~~

Farmer’s/Local Market – Northside

Food Truck – I don’t go to many food trucks nowadays.

French – I can’t afford French food

Frozen Treat – Antony’s Ice Cream

Gluten-Free – how many menu items meet the threshold for this category?

Hot Dog – I just have no idea why this is a category

Ice Cream – Antony’s Ice Cream

Ice Pop – what?

Indian – ~~~~

Italian (non-chain) – fear the influence of Olive Garden?

Japanese/Sushi – Sushi, Royal Myanmar in West View

Latin-Inspired –


Mexican/Tex-Mex – I like Patron Mexican Grill, but I fear they are gentrifiers and part of the destruction of the Shadow Lounge. ???

Middle Eastern

Pastries – so Bakery and Pastries get two categories, but there’s no accounting for the breadth of Asian influenced restaurants? Come on.

Pierogies – Gosia’s and cook at home. I like Churchworks Brewery, but their anti-worker stance means I don’t go there any longer

Pizza (non-chain) – Giorgios Place

Seafood – not in Pittsburgh

Small Plates – another foodie concept that I don’t care about

Special Occasion – let’s talk after the 2018 midterms

Steak – who can afford to eat steak?

Taco – never

Thai – ~~~~

Vegan/Vegetarian-Friendly – my vegetarian friends eat at 3 places so I think probably not a lot

Wing Night – <eye roll>

Worth the Drive – evoLUTION Grill in Sarver

Write-in: Asian Food Not Otherwise Specified: Royal Myanamar (Myanamar/Burmese food)

(I skipped all the alcohol-centric categories)

Local Coffee Spot – I mostly go to Starbucks so I have no idea

Tea Shop – Arnold’s Tea

Juice – peope go places for just juice?

Write-in –
Cinema – The Harris for the win!

Place to Catch Old Movie – no idea

Museum – He Wins EVERY year

Place to Catch Live Music – I like Club Cafe

Place to Catch Live Comedy – do you have multiple cats?

Theater company – off the wall


Local Singer: Phat Man Dee

Sports Team – Steel City Demons

Write-in – Best Performance Artist: E! The Dragnificent

Pro Athlete – Cutch


Meteorologist – Kristin Emery

News Anchor – David Highfield

Street Reporter – Lynne Hayes Freeland

Local Journalist – Chris Potter

Blogger/Columnist – (this is really an unfair matchup) I pick BurghBaby hands down

Morning Drive Team – booting Cindy from the WYEP morning team ruined my mornings


Write-in – Best Hair: the moon baby

Hair Salon – Studio Raw for doing good in the world

Fitness Club – California Cycle Path

Fitness Class  – Margie Eliou for being accessible to all peope

Yoga Studio – Yoga Nuvo

Florist – K.S. Kennedy Distinctive Floral Gift and Gourmet

Pet Services – The Cat Clinic


Toy/Game Store – The Flying Squirrel in Carnegie


Indie Bookstore – the library

Local Resort – Pinto Manor?

boutique – fat women without money don’t shop at boutiques.

Write-in Cemetery – Penn Forest Natural Burial Park

This is actually pretty hard to complete. Finding 10 answers that I really stand behind took some effort. I don’t really do most of these things. Or I’ve learned that so many business owners support Donal Trump or are anti-labor.  It is like they are part of a Pittsburgh that I don’t inhabit. If I were going to suggest categories related to my actual life

Best Columnist

Best Blogger (not syndicated)

Best Drag/Burlesque Show

Best Grocery Store

Best Neighborhood to see Christmas lights

Best Art Gallery

Best Living Wage Paying Business

Best Place to Get Turner’s Iced Tea

Best Delivery Service

Best Pharmacy

Best Community Health Provider

Best LGBTQ Owned Establishment

And implement a firm rule about repeat wins.

But you should vote. You can help a small business earn an accolade that will help them stay in business, create jobs, etc. You can use small things like this to raise the profile of someone who isn’t already ‘Pittsburgh Famous’ – take a few minutes to do it.


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