FOUND! Missing Lesbian Near Pgh: Ann Veglia-Eisler, 48, Last Seen Near Northside

Ann Veglia-Eisler

The family and friends of Ann Veglia-Eisler, 48 years old, are asking for your help to locate their missing loved one.

Ann ‘Annie’ Veglia-Eisler turned 48 at the end of November. She’s from Baden, Beaver County, but she was most recently staying with her brother in Upper St. Clair. Ann is a white cisgender woman, a lesbian, 125 lbs, 5’3″ in height, and has red hair and green eyes.

(For the love of God, don’t ask me why I have to mention that she’s a lesbian – is that really what you notice in a post about a human being missing for nearly two weeks?)

Ann was last seen on December 5 when she left on foot from the apartment of a friend with whom she had spent the night. This was in Pittsburgh, possibly on the Northside.

Here is the timeline of events leading up to her disappearance per her friends and family. Edited lightly for clarity.

Ann left the home she shared with her ex-girlfriend in Baden to stay with her brother in Upper St. Clair.  Ann was seen at The Meadows Casino on December 1st with her ex gf with whom she spent the night in a hotel. She left on her own accord with her overnight bag~ actually a pink/blk backpack, according to the unnamed ex-girlfriend.  She somehow made it back to Beaver County (Ambridge Area) per her bank transactions on Dec 2nd & 3rd & headed back to a female friend’s apt on Dec 4th (in Pittsburgh) & asked to crash with her for a few day. On Dec 4th, she was seen at Rivers Casino (by her ex gf) & she attempted to use her bank card at that location. She ended up spending the night with this gf (whom is also very concerned of Ann’s whereabouts) she left her apt on Dec 5th wearing blue jeans with holes in them, with a blk heavy down jacket with a hood & fur like trim, and carrying a pink & black backpack.

So, Ann has recently been to Washington, PA; Ambridge, PA; and Pittsburgh, PA – potentially the Northside.

A missing person’s report has been filed with the Upper St. Clair police. The most recent update is that Ann has not cashed her most recent unemployment check, so there’s been no financial activity since she disappeared.

There are some gaps in this narrative. I’m not sure if the ex-girlfriend who she was with on Dec 4 is the same ex-girlfriend who saw her at the Rivers Casino. I’m not sure where she spent the night, although I think it was somewhere on the Northside. Ann reportedly has ties to Duquesne, but I’m not sure if that’s a general piece of information or tied to this story. We don’t know which way she headed out when she left the friend’s house.

But here we are – a LGBTQ sister is missing from Pittsburgh, the second report of someone missing in a week. I don’t want to clutter up this missing person’s post with too much details and context. I’ll write a separate post as I did earlier this week.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Ann, please contact the USC Police 412.833.1113

Please share. Share again. Her family and friends are desperately worried for her. They are organizing search parties and have asked concerned neighbors to print copies of the missing person’s flyer (below) and post in our communities.  Updates will be posted on this FB page. 


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  • Hello, I’m Annie’s niece, her brothers kid. And I just want to say everyone needs to shut up about the lesbian part. JUST STOP DRAWING SO MUCH ATTENTION TO IT. and please just focus on looking out for her.

  • What does her being a lesbian have to do with her missing? Would you post that for a heterosexual?
    “Missing Heterosexual near PGH”. Really? That’s how my best friend is described? Do you even know if she is out???? Wtf??????

  • I’ve shared this arcticle as a Missing Person. Why headline an acrticle ‘Missing Lesbian’ then ask why you have to mention that she’s a lesbian? YOU don’t, but YOU did. She’s a ‘missing human being’ and with this headline, you’ve detracted from that and made it arguementative in certain circles. Ifc the goal is to get her home safe, all help would be appreciated, no? Her orientation has nothing to do with her missing-ness. I’m a little ashamed that I myself am wasting my time responding to this incredibly obviouse bait. I hope she is found.

  • I am a dear friend of annie veglia. Could you do another story please…there still is nothing …she is not found…the local news no one has done a story ..please help again…i love in flordia now..and I am not up there to help find her…please,and thank you!

  • Perhaps you should mention she “Likes the dick” and you could get some gay men looking for her????????

    WTF is wrong with you that being a lesbian is of any importance or NOT.

    SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!

    • It is not that she is a lesbian….this is…do you understand…be nice watch what you say….not nice…they are helping us get the story out there….i thank them for what they have done….i am 100% lesbian and proud of it….

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