Local LGBTQ Links We’ve Been Reading This Week – Dec 22

I’m making a point to dive deeper into local and regional LGBTQ news coverage, from the Pgh mainstream media to the regional newspapers. Every Friday, I will share links that struck me (for good and for bad.) If you see something that should be included, please email pghlesbian @ gmail dot com.

Smith at the Post-Gazette (who strikes me as the uncle who deliberately says things like ‘sexual preference’ knowing it is inaccurate, unfair, & unbalanced) Religious leaders call transgender identity a ‘false idea’

Pitt Title IX to investigate harassment allegations from early 2000s after a brutal piece in Ms. Magazine. I was a grad student at Pitt from 1998-2000 in the School of Social Work which I found laden with racist, sexist, and homophobic behavior. This does not suprise me at all.

The Trib has an interview with Jules Williams, a 37 year old Black trans woman suing the Allegheny County Jail for mistreating her. 

The New Pittsburgh Courier took a closer look at the impacts of bullying on LGBTQ youth. 

Doylestown banned converstion therapy. The lone ‘nay’ vote is trying to rationalize his decision.

Reverend Shelly Strauss, a former contributor to this blog, penned a Letter to the Editor on the topic of Christian privilege to the Post-Gazette.

Republican Justin Lokay also wrote a letter, supporting Republicans who voted against Roy Moore.

And Patrick Ponticel of Coraopolis penned a letter that said I’m not exactly sure what about the ‘gay-wedding-cake-case’ before SCOTUS. He referenced ‘preferences’ so that’s a red flag. What do you think?

The Butler County Times reran an editorial from the Washington Post  Other Views: Seven dirty words, according to the Trump administration

The Observer-Reporter published this editorial EDITORIAL Metcalfe may be the worst member of the Legislature

And from the Pittsburgh City Paper, State rep. candidate Emily Skopov wants Daryl Metcalfe out of committee chair seat

Sara Bauknecht reported in Post-Gazette on the impact of transgender models in the fashion industry during 2017.

In his end of year round-up, the PG’s Scott Mervis mentioned the decision of Jackie Evancho to perform for President Trump’s Inauguration in spite of the fact that her sister is trans. Apparently, it didn’t hurt Jackie’s sales which says a lot about her fan base and her motives for doing this.

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