Local LGBTQ Links We’ve Been Reading This Week – Dec 15

So what’s up with this new feature? Why am I publishing links?

First, I used to do this back in the day – I wrote round-ups of LGBTQ links with ties to this region. It kept me informed on actual news and opinions. So I thought as I approach my 12th anniversary (December 30), it would be good to bring it back to light albeit in this new format.

Second, we should pay attention to how local media covers LGBTQ issues. We don’t have a single LGBTQ media outlet in Southwestern Pennsylvania or Western Pennsylvania. We have a few terrific newsletters in Johnstown and Erie. We have some cultural and nightlife websites. We have solid bloggers. But none of us are journalists. As of today, I can only name one openly LGBTQ journalist affiliated FT with a major media outlet. How many can you name?

Finally, this is very focused. I blog, tweet, and share all sorts of things on all sorts of topics. This is very much focused on LGBTQ stories. If you see something I should include, send me a link pghlesbian at gmail dot com.

Mentor and student present at national sex ed conference as reported by the Observer Reporter. A 24 year old trans man from Washington County, graduate of American University and now a presenter.

Lynn Richards from Seven Fields addresses the reality that State Rep Daryl Metcalfe is holding up important legislation in the State House committee he chairs. Via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Maureen Byko of Cranberry also wrote a letter to the editor about Daryl Metcalfe. “I’m no human resources pro, but even I know you don’t stop someone from touching you at work by calling them gay.”

The Incline took a look at the City Council ban on conversion therapy in the City of Pittsburgh, including some compelling first person accounts from PFLAG President Mitch Hortert.

Gerald Montano is a pediatrician and adolescent-medicine specialist at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC. He also works as a clinician for the hospital’s Gender and Sexual Development Program. He wrote a compelling op-ed for the Post-Gazette on the need to ensure gender dysphoria treatment is covered by Medicaid and CHIP. The State House is poised to vote. Read this.

For Public Source, Hailey Helpenstell wrote a first-person story about the Plum High School approach to bullying of LGBTQ students. Hailey wants LGBTQ youth and adults to have a voice in policy formation. Hailey Helpenstell is a sophomore at Plum Senior High School.

A missing Warhol piece found in the attic of a gay man whose family didn’t want to accept his gay identity. It may not be a masterpiece.

WPXI ran a piece on the newest biological theory on why gay men have, on average, a greater number of older brothers compared with their heterosexual counterparts.

The Butler Eagle has some letters to the editor about wedding cakes and religious liberty. I can’t read them because of the paywall, but you might find them interesting. Butler is Metcalfe territory. Maybe I should invest the $50?

And in true Pgh City Paper style, Pittsburgh City Paper exclusive: state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe does touch other men– with Photos!

Fomer Pittsburgh Theological Seminary instructor and general Christo-fascist, Robert Gagnon, is upset that a National Review writer said Alabama conservatives who supported Doug Jones have integrity. Gagnon thinks supporting a pro-choice candidate shows less integrity than challenging a pedophile rapist.

Local genderqueer artist moon baby received a write-up for tonight’s performance at Strangematter in Richmond, Virginia.

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