Product Review: TomboyX Underwear Might Be For Me

I don’t typically blog about my underwear, but for TomboyX – I’ll make an exception. Let me be upfront, as I try to be, that I did receive 4 pairs of underwear for my review (2 for me, 2 for Ledcat) but my opinions are my own. We all know that I’m not going to lesbian wash products, right?

I’ve always been a Fruit of the Loom/Hanes pack with a bonus pair from Target kind of underwear shopper. Sure I’ve purchased some fancy lingerie here and there, but I’m pretty run of the mill. I buy inexpensive underwear and they wear out inexpensively. Laura convinced me to upgrade to Jockey when we began dating, but much like socks – I just never really consider the need to invest in underwear for comfort, fit, etc. It was either practical or sexy occasional stuff. I do wear some men’s boxers to sleep in and they are definitely not underwear comfy; they are jammie comfy.

While I love saving money, I also value investing in corporations that reflect my personal values. When I first heard of TomboyX, I assumed it was a masculine-of-center (MOC) or butch aesthetic that would be up Ledcat’s alley moreso than my plus sized middle aged lady wearing self style.

I was wrong.

  • Their catalogue illustrates plenty of styles and sizes (up to 4x) that cater to all types of bodies, in terms of comfort and style preference.
  • They ensure that all fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified which reduces skin (and genital) exposure to harmful toxins like lead, pesticides, metals. I didn’t even know this was a concern!
  • They work with manufacturers who pay fair wages and guarantee safe working conditions.
  • They are a woman owned company with a diverse staff (with cool titles)

So as a fat middle aged, middle class white queer disabled lady, I found that the TomboyX aesthetic does fit me. I’m pleasantly surprised.

I tried two different pairs – the basic briefs (in pink print) and the microdermal 4.5″ trunks in pink. I usually wear briefs, but it seemed like a good chance to try trunks.

The trunks were first up. I washed them on cold, low dry with like colors. They washed and dried very nicely. No pilling, no wrinkles, nothing like that. I check the seams and everything after they came out of the dryer.

I wore them on an incredibly sultry day undernearth a pair of khaki culottes. It hit 90 that day. We were outside quite a bit for a community picnic and had dinner al fresco at a neighborhood spot. We also spent more time outside having a Starbucks with our niece later that evening. I would expect any underwear to feel like I had to peel them off after a day like that.

I was pleasantly surprised to feel pretty comfortable. The trunks fit my body type very nicely with a slightly midwaist feel to the waistband. The microdermal fabric was smooth and silky, but not in that cheap nylon underwear type of way. It felt cool and almost like it was a wicking material. It didn’t bunch up at all which was fantastic, not even after multiple hours of 90 degree weather and walking around. TomboyX Underwear Review

The next day, I tried the briefs. It was an equally hot day. I slid on the briefs, pulled on a pair of shorts and headed out for several meetings. Both were unairconditioned. I was quite hot all day long. I came home for a quick dinner, then we ran out for ice cream, did a ton of errands around the house and collapsed on the bed at 11 PM. The briefs were nice, but not quite as a good a fit/comfortable as the microdermal trunks. Still, no bunching, no riding up, no uncomfortable movements that required me to run into the ladies room to make an adjustment.

So I learned that I might be a short trunks lady instead of a briefs lady. And I might be a microdermal fabric lady, too. 🙂 I think the investment in underwear will prove worthwhile in the long run if it holds up so much better on top of feeling so much better. Spending $9 on a pack of six pairs that are not very comfy and fall apart pretty quickly versus investing $30+ for a pair that will hold up while also supporting my values should balance out. And as a woman in midlife, good underwear is important. I really appreciate now the need to downsize our stuff, invest in what we believe, and stop contributing to the problems of capitalism on the cheap.

TomboyX has several bras that I might like to try – I have recently diagnosed tendinitis and big boobs that I need to hold in place for a new yoga class. Getting a sweaty bra off is torture when your shoulder hurts, so I am looking forward to seeing if TomboyX can help me out. Maybe I’ll go big and try the yoga pants.

I also really, really like the array of prints available. I imagine I will rotate in new purchases to replace all of my existing ‘ready to move along’ panties as I pass them along to a fabric recycling collection at somewhere like Goodwill. The durability and socially conscious investment seems like a very fair trade for me.

TomboyX has tee shirts, long johns, socks, hats and other items. I love socks myself and I can definitely see Laura liking the swimwear as well as the outerwear.

TomboyX has a reward program and they offer free shipping on purchases over $75. They also have a nifty clearance/last chance section. The sizing chart is easy to understand. And they have special collections which is very fun. I’d like to buy rainbow/pride items that support all of the above.

Ledcat will post her review next week. While I can make guesses about her aesthetic, her body type is very different than mine so it will be interesting how the items feel to her.

Again, I did receive product for my opinion, but no other form of compensation for this post. The opinions are all mine (that doesn’t shock you, does it?) I’m off to toss my new undies into the wash so I can wear them again soon.

If you are interested, here’s a discount code for my readers. Use the code “LIVE-THE-X” to get 15% off. This offer expires September 30th.


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