Why Does the Post-Gazette Think There are ‘Same-Sex Practices’ and WTF Are They?

The Post-Gazette’s religion writer/editor, Peter Smith, has always struck me as a pompous shmuck. His bias is clear because he peppers his writings with the word ‘homosexuality’ even though all best-practices say that’s unprofessional, inaccurate, unfair and unbalanced.

Still, this is the Post-Gazette, so can we really be surprised? They pulled a default endorsement of Trump and hired underqualified, right-wing sycophant Jennifer Graham to spew her absurdity around the editorial page for a time. There are almost no women full-time employees and/or columnists.

So today, I see the headline ‘Outspoken critic of same-sex practices leaves Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’ about the departure (Hallelujah!) of Robert A.J. Gagnon, a many who thinks God shuns me for being queer. Peter Smith thinks that, too, but he pretties it up to keep his job.

Aside – we are all going to suffer when Tony Norman, Brian O’Neill and Mike Fuoco retire. All of us. Not just because they are awesome, but because they bring ethical and moral credibility along with their long tenure to keep the ship from flailing into a  propaganda tool. As much as I respect Chris Potter and Rich Lord, they can never beat the time curve in that regard.

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Anyway, editor of Peter Smith’s article, there are no such things as ‘same-sex practices.’ Same-sex marriage is the same as opposite-sex marriage. Same-sex sexual acts are the same as opposite-sex sexual acts. ‘Same-sex practices’ is a dog whistle phrase used to isolate and other us as some sort of deviant beings who want to gain mainstream approval for our abnormal behavior.

It is the grown-up version of an 8th grader derisively sneering ‘That’s so gay’ about some other kid’s shirt or backpack or hobby. It is an immature, mean-spirited and transparent phrase that shows a lack of originality, as well as the inability to look at LGBTQ experiences through an unbiased and professional lens.

So, boo hoo hoo that an anti-LGBTQ religious zealot lost his teaching post. It is news and good news for the students at the Theological Seminary. But it shoddy reporting and editing that will contribute to the ongoing persecution of LGBTQ people in this region.

Peter Smith needs to practice his own homophobic-laced craft elsewhere, too.

See, I didn’t need any practice at all to sprinkle my elitist, snowflake disdain on this post. It just comes naturally. Like sex, marriage, and trigger warnings.

Bonus points if you leave a comment on what would fall into the category of ‘same-sex practices.’


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  • Perhaps he is talking about oral sex, just guessing. Oral sex has been “practiced” among opposite sex couples and same sex couples since time began, but it being practiced by same sex couples, seems to be regarded by many Christians as sin. Personally, being a lesbian who endured a 7 year marriage to a man, I would rather eat cat crap than to ever have oral sex with a man again.

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