Reecey Walker, 32 Year Old Trans Woman of Color, Stabbed to Death in Wichita

Reecey Walker
“Reecey” Walker courtesy of The Advocate

Another tragic day for our community with the news that 32 year old trans woman of color, Reecey Walker was found stabbed to death in their Wichita apartment on Sunday evening, May 1. A 16 year old young man has been arrested, but not yet charged.

From The Advocate:

Officers were called to investigate a reported disturbance at an apartment complex in southwest Wichita, near Wildwood Park, at 9:50 p.m. on Sunday. Police found Walker’s body inside the apartment, dead of apparent knife wounds. 

Sgt. Nikki Woodrow with the Wichita Police Department confirmed Walker’s death in a phone call with The Advocate. Woodrow also confirmed that Walker identified as a transgender woman who was known to friends and family as “Reecey,” and said the victim used male pronouns. 

No potential motive for the killing has yet been announced, but police are investigating allegations made by the suspect’s family that Walker attempted to sexually assault the teen, Woodrow said. Asked if police were considering the possibility that Walker’s death was a hate crime, Woodrow said “absolutely not,” adding that there is no indication that the killing was motivated by bias. 

I never understand that response – a killing not being motivated by bias. How can that be so quickly ruled out? Rather, how can we wait for it to be ruled in to consideration of a crime?

Certainly there is evidence to suggest that it is complicated. Reecey identified as a trans woman, but used male pronouns. Many of the people mourning their death with seemingly genuine grief and love use male pronouns. There’s no way for me as a blogger to sort that out without more conversations with people who loved Reecey, if even then. To just flat out deny that their gender identity was not part of motivation seems wrong to me. It seems too easy, too simple.

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The allegations of sexual assault are serious and must be investigated, of course. But suggesting that Reecey’s gender identity is not part of this terrible events is absurd and reflects a very shallow way of looking at the world. It is not wishful thinking, it is delusional thinking. And the price we pay for ruling out gender identity from any facet of someone’s life is … well, this ongoing epidemic of violence that has taken the life of a 32 year old trans woman and destroyed the life of a 16 year old young man.

Rest in power, Reecey. We mourn your death and will remember your name.

So we don’t forget those whom we’ve lost to these epidemics in 2016

This is a GoFundMe allegedly set up by her friend’s to pay for her funeral expenses. I haven’t been able to verify it yet.

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