TWOC Shante Thompson, 34, Murdered in Houston

Shante Thompson murder

Shante Thompson was 34 years old. Next month would have been her 35th birthday. She had a mother and friends who loved her.

Last night, she and her male friend were brutally murdered in Houston by a group of eight men. From KHOU (Shante’s family is quoted misgendering her.)

There was a barrage of bullets echoing into the night, forcing people in this Midtown neighborhood to take cover.

Mukes believes those initial shots were a just warning of the violence that escalated.

“No, they were shooting up in the air to let her know ‘I’m coming to get you,’” he said.

Mukes and several other witnesses say the aggressors first used what looked like a crow bar or tire iron to hit at least one of the victims over the head.

Shortly after that, the two victims were shot. Both died at the scene.

The opening stages of planning for a vigil  have started. Houston Police are still looking for the perpetrator of this killing and if you have any information about what happened that will lead to the capture of the person or persons who did this, please call Crimestoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477)

Houstong based bloger and activist Monica Roberts from Transgriot puts the responsibility at the feet of the rightwingers and Republicans who destroyed local nondiscrimination protections.

The blood of Shante Thompson is on your hands Harris County GOP, Max Miller, Steve Riddle, and Ed Young.  Your faux faith based spreading of transphobia for political gain has finally manifested itself into the death of this trans woman.   You cannot spread anti-trans hatred as you did for years and think it won’t have real world societal consequences.

Shante’s death and the death of her friend Willie Sims are particularly brutal reminders of just how ugly and vicious the epidemic of violence against trans women of color has become. It is tied to the repeal of HERO and the passage of anti-trans laws in North Carolina and Mississippi. It is tied to people who promote ugly rumors about bathrooms and locker rooms and more. It is tied to fear and misunderstanding and ignorance.

Rest in power, Shante (and Willie, too, of course.) There are no words sufficient to lend meaning to your death. We will keep your memory and name and the life you deserved in our hearts as we continue to work for justice.

I’ll have more details as they are available. Please keep Shante and Willie in your thoughts.

So we don’t forget those whom we’ve lost to these epidemics in 2016

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