Trans Day of Visibility in Pittsburgh

Beginning in 2009, March 31 has been recognized as the International Day of Trans Visibility.

In the spirit of the day, I am sharing the AMPLIFY posts from trans identified contributors. To date, we have published 25 contributions from trans contributors, representing about 21% of our contributors. They have ties to at least 13 of the 26 counties in Western Pennsylvania. They range in age from early 20’s to late 50’s.

They can tell you far more than I can about the experiences of trans visibility (and invisibility) in our neighborhoods.

Please take a moment to (re)read their words and learn about their everyday experiences.

  1. Rashod Is An Unapologetic Trans Man of Color
  2. Donna Met a Female Impersonator Who Made a Lasting Impression
  3. Katie-Anne Speaks As Two Spirited Bi Gendered Resident of Johnstown
  4. CJ Describes Living Stealth As A Trans Man
  5. Patrouious Describes His Fears & Frustrations as a Trans Man in McKean County #AMPLIFY
  6. Sivynn Acknowledges That Some People Just Don’t Pay Attention to His Transition
  7. Brandon Believes Pittsburgh Should Have Better Trans Health Resources
  8. Jesse Believes in the Power of [Trans]cendence
  9. Jessi is a Trans Lesbian Who Asks Questions
  10. Kitty Is Out and Open as a Bisexual Trans Woman in Erie County #AMPLIFY
  11. Alex is a Black Trans Man Who Doesn’t Apologize For His Existence
  12. Jesse Talks About Living as a Trans Woman in a Culture of Fear
  13. Janie From Brackenridge: Being Trans Limits Many Things
  14. Kaley is Trans, Queer and a Fan of Gender Outlaws
  15. Roman Knows to the Depths of His Soul That He Is a Man #AMPLIFY
  16. Niki Talks About Living as a Gender Queer Trans Woman in Pittsburgh
  17. Jazmine, 46, Has Advice for LGB Allies to the Trans Community
  18. Moira Describes the Toll of Gatekeeping on the Trans Community
  19. Elliot is Bi, Trans and Wishes Westmoreland County Was Talking More About Queer Youth
  20. Alyssa is First Generation Cuban American, Trans, Gender Nonconforming and from Beaver County
  21. Sabrina, 50, Found New Friends When She Came Out as Trans
  22. Alissa, 34, is Just Another Girl in the Crowd in Lawrence County
  23. Austin, 30, is a Straight Trans Man from Washington County
  24. Tylor, 30, is a Pansexual Trans Man Who Wants Better for Young People
  25. Bobby, 50, Queer Trans Guy, White Anti-Racism Activist

If you would like to contribute to the project, this is the link to the Q&A.



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