Being Seen While Creating Art for Change!

Here’s a cute anecdote.

Way back in 2004, Ledcat and I attended a gala event for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force thanks to complimentary tickets. We don’t normally attend gala anything because they are way out of our budget range. So we toodled down to the O’Reilly Theater and were mingling with the fine folks during the pre-performance reception. At one point, we were standing at a hi-boy table talking with Dinah Denmark whom we both knew from various activities. Dinah and Laura were surely talking indie music. Up comes the woman from the Post-Gazette “Seen” column – she asked us to pose which we did. She wrote down our names and off she went. We enjoyed the show, etc, etc.

On Monday, Laura calls me from her workplace – “open the PG” she says. There in the “Seen” column is a lovely photo of Dinah Denmark with both Ledcat and I cropped out! It was hysterical – the essence of why people mock the entire society page concept.

For years, we joked about being on the cutting room floor of the Post-Gazette society section. I vowed to Ledcat that one day we’d make it big. She was scornful of what that would entail. LOL. But when we’d get dissed at social events, we’d roll our eyes at one another and make a subtle reference to the earlier incident.

Last week, we attended a gala event for Persad Center, also with complimentary tickets – that hasn’t changed. The photographer was obviously hired to document the event, but I told Laura – maybe we’ll finally make it. And we did! We made it onto the photographer’s website!

Laura Dunhoff Sue Kerr


The event was very nice. We are always grateful to our friend (and client) K.S. Kennedy Floral for sending us to represent them. The Children’s Museum was a lovely space for this event, mainly because there was plenty of room. It was a nice chance to preview some of the art and talk a little more in depth with people about the work of Persad.

Kathi Boyle sat down with Ledcat and I to talk about their plans for senior programming and I was very impressed. The Art for Change auction supports the free care fund, programming for individuals whose insurance doesn’t cover their needs or who don’t have insurance. And for programs that don’t have a funding base – like LGBTQ youth progamming and supports for our elders.

Tickets for the art auction itself are still available

Monday, April 27, 2015
Wyndham Grand Downtown Pittsburgh
5:00 PM – VIP
6:00 PM – General Admission
10:00 PM – Bidding Closes

Check out our beautiful photos (ahem) here.

Art for Change
The balloon flower arrangements waiting to whisk Dorothy away …


k.s. kennedy floral


Art for Change
Ledcat on the yellow brick road …


Art for Change



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