I’ve Been Hacked: Day Two

My story is sad to tell. A Facebook ne’er do well. That mixed up Russian hacker from the Urals

My future’s so unclear now What’s left of my career now? Can’t even get a trade in on my URL.

At least I still have my blog. Sigh.

Since Friday evening, I have reached out to everyone I can think of – journalists, activists, techies, Harvard alumni. And the most consistent refrain is that they have no contacts at Facebook.

How can I live in a hub of technology and not be able to find a journalist with a FB contact? What is wrong with that scenario?

I began researching “tech fixing” companies – not hackers, but white hats so to speak. OMG, it is like unleashing the Kracken of spam bots. Why on earth would I use someone to unhack me who has no web presence (or references)? And for some very weird reason, a lot of them are super religious. “God 1st” is not the best marketing tactic for your lesbian blogger.

Since Friday, my account has changed hands numerous times but seems to have disappeared entirely. It is like watching your car sink into quicksand. Now it disappeared. I know it is in there somewhere. Sigh.

Most frustrating for me is that I was in the midst of several projects and now I cannot do much to help. Fortunately some friends are pitching in to make sure other fox depending on me are not suffering from this situation. And I deeply appreciate it.

It is very weird to have your FB disappear. My photos, my memories, my contact info for friends, messenger threads stretching back many years, groups, so much. Right now I am very grateful that someone gave me a tip a long time ago to always take photos with my own camera, then upload rather than use the app photo feature. So I have all of my originals. I can’t even imagine if this is a permanent situation – losing connections with the profiles of friends whoa re deceased, losing so many important memories, losing touch with friends I can’t find through a new profile, it is just mind blowing. And it hurts.

I know this wasn’t personal – it was opportunistic. A person who knows me didn’t do this to me. I am perplexed with two factor authorization failed me. It feels personal because the loss is about my personal content. Last night I had a dream that Laura and I moved to a Green House in Greene County only it was actually Lawrence County. I kept pointing that out to people, but they just shushed me. They gave us directions to her mom’s house that were in the opposite direction of where she lives, but again – no one listened to me. And I didn’t want to live in a Green House because it wasn’t environmentally Green, it was surrounded by a lot of green shrubbery.

Today has been slow. It is taking me 4x as long to get my usual tasks done. I’m trying to be patient and optimistic.

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