My Facebook Was Hacked By Russian Site

Do you have any media colleagues or sources who focus on Facebook? My account was hacked by a Russian email site and the “fix” from FB is an endless loop.

I had 2 factor authorization enabled. I typically deal with one attack each week, but the system protects me. This happened while I was on Facebook yesterday. I had no idea – the new “owner” has a Russian email and phone. They removed all of my contact info until I was suddenly kicked out. Then I received the notifications. 

I did report it and eventually my page went down completely – I think that is progress. The “fix” options are just an endless loop. At one point, I was able to reach a page to submit my ID but nothing happened after that. 

I can’t reset my pw bc it’s not my email address or phone. The new owner likely has 2 factor authorization activated. I need Facebook to actively recognize I own this profile and restore it to me. It appears the only option is to pay a company $500? I don’t even know how to find a credible company. The company with the most referrals starts off by praising their God. Sigh.

This will decimate our #ProtectTransKids project plus a bunch of others. I had just started a crowdfund for kittens that need to be fixed next week.

I’m hoping a tech journalist might have answers or be able to get answers. LGBTQ folx use FB in much higher numbers than the typical population. So this is very harmful.

And frustrating. The routine attempts to hack my account seemed normal to me – just bots spamming that were caught by the safety nets. Maybe I underestimated them. But I’m unsure what else I could have done.

I’ve asked every contact I can – no one has Facebook connections. Not real time people.

I’m deluged with offers to help from sources I don’t know. Nope. Links from unknown sources. Nope.

I don’t have $500. I need to get new eyeglasses ASAP. $500 will delay that healthcare purchase by months. And I don’t understand how this happened. I don’t expect to get a solid answer.

This has been exhausting. Please reach out if you have a suggestion.


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