A Thank You Note To Share from Persad Center

A lovely follow-up to a post I wrote earlier this week.

Rainbow Thank You Note
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One of the gentlemen from Persad’s SAGE program sent along this thank-you note (written at 4 AM on Boxing Day) in response to your generosity:

Hi;I wish to thank you again for the lunch and the company. But I REALLY was floored by the gift cards in the bag! WOW is what I kept saying as I opened one after another. I have used most of them as of this writing – I still have credit left on the Giant Eagle one. FYI – the 2 Amazon cards paid for the cane holder for my scooter that I have been longing for but couldn’t afford. That will make a huge difference to my mobility. The Giant Eagle card bought food for my freezer for future meals and I still have a decent amount left for the next time I can get there.

Please accept my sincerest thanks to everyone who contributed to these gifts and do let them know how much it meant to me.

With respect;
T (I removed his name for the sake of privacy – Sue) 

When I stop to think how much more accessible the world is if you can transport your cane on your scooter … it just amazes me that you gifted him with the choice to make that decision via the Amazon cards. The dignity that came along with the gift truly tackles the larger issue identified by SAGE – isolation and accessibility. I was worried a bit that the last minute nature of my request to you might result in either not being able to meet the need or too many things for her to manage. I needn’t of worried – you honored her requests!

Thank you to Persad Center and Kathi Boyle for going the extra mile to help this last-minute holiday cheer project succeed.

If you are interested in supporting the work of SAGE, you can find information on the Persad Centerwebsite. Donations for SAGE services in Western Pennsylvania can also be made online to help brighten the holidays and beyond for our community elders.

You can also follow Persad Center on Twitter and Facebook. And you can always send Amazon gift cards for their clients.


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