North Side Food Pantry Hopes to Gives One Can of Tuna to All Families in Dec, 1000 cans needed

Donate Tuna to Food Pantry

So I intentionally distorted the image to show what happens when you stretch a can of tuna to feed multiple people.

Today, I received this message from North Side Common Ministries

In December, our goal is to give each of the 1,000 families that will visit the Northside Food Pantry one can of tuna. One. In order to do that, we need 42 purchases (each purchase = 24 cans) of tuna from the Food Pantry Wish List by Monday, Dec. 1. Would you help us reach that goal? Click to send. Your donation of $36.01 will deliver 24 cans (free delivery!) to the Pantry door so that 24 families have a can of tuna this holiday season. And don’t forget to give even more by using your Amazon Smile account! (PS – please share so that more folks have the opportunity to give to hungry families in Pittsburgh)

A can of tuna for the holidays is a very sobering thought. The fact that it is considered a goal is humbling. A food pantry that serves over 1,000 families? Horrifying and uplifting.

If you would like to help them meet this goal, you can visit their Amazon Wish List – tuna is at the top of the list. You can also make a financial donation online via the website.


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