Video of Young Man Coming Out To Family Who Promptly Assault and Curse Him

When Daniel, a 20-year-old young man in Georgia, came out to his family he captured it on his phone. In a truly horrifying twist, he ended being assaulted by his Stepmother while his Grandmother cheered her on. They used the Bible to justify every insult, every smack, every putdown.

Warning. This is really hard to listen to –  it is just heartbreaking to hear the hate in the words of people who should cherish and care for this young man.

A fundraiser was set up to help Daniel with his living expenses while he adjusts to being kicked out. Nearly 300 people have donated, $10 here and $5 there, commenting that they or a friend had gone through similar experiences. That’s “awefulsome.”

I wonder what happened after the recording ends. It sounds like his father was making threats to him. Daniel is now relocated with friends so hopefully he got out quickly. But what did he have to listen to beyond “you are disgrace” and “the Bible says” and “you made a choice” and “you are a damn queer, you fucking …?”  I hope knowing that hundreds of strangers embraced him when his own family disowned him is a comfort of some sort. But how can it be?

This is Biblically based hate. Christian hate. More worried about what people will think than the welfare of their own son. That’s the reality for so many young people in the United States.



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  • It’s always heartbreaking when this happens. I’ve never understood this kind of hate. I really hope he’s in a safe environment now, and can work on his healing process.

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