UPDATE: ToonSeum Designates ‘Kitty Pryde’ Proceeds for LGBTQ Cartoonist Exhibit

ToonSeum Executive Director Joe Wos has been busy responding to support the organization has received in response to news that people were cancelling membership because of their support of the LGBTQ community. The ToonSeum is sponsoring a VIP event during Pride in the StreetsKitty Pryde in the Streets VIP Lounge.

Note – you can read a little update from Joe on how the community responded at this Huffington Post link.

Today, Wos announced how he plans to pay the support forward

Proceeds from our kitty pryde fest vip lounge will be used to create an exhibition of glbtq cartoonists for 2015!



Says Wos

With people buying memberships and making donations we wanted to use those proceeds to create an exhibit in the spirit of equality.

You know who is a LGBTQ cartoonist? Alison Bechdel. And many, many more folks who don’t typically get the chance to exhibit as often as their heterosexual and cis gender counterparts. Interestingly, 2015 will also be the first “Queers and Comics: LGBTQ Cartoonists Conference” at CUNY. That’s an interesting connection.

So your support of Kitty Pryde In the Streets not only means you can enjoy Chaka Khan in relative comfort (a big draw for me), but you’ll also be supporting an ally and helping to directly fund a LGBTQ arts exhibit in 2015. That’s a pretty reasonable return for a $25 investment.

To be honest, I was pleased that people were supporting the ToonSeum simply because the organization deserves it. To spread that support back to the LGBTQ community is just another example of how solidarity strengthens the whole community, LGBTQ and straight.

Get your tickets today!




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