Talking LGBTQ Symbols with @Mashable Made Me Some New Friends

Last week, I was asked by GLAAD to contribute to a piece on the meaning of LGBTQ symbols to my life, specifically lesbian symbols such as interlocking female symbols.  The piece was being compiled by Mashable and was published Friday.

It really gave me pause to stop and *think* about lesbian symbols. And do a little reading. And thank some more. This is what I submitted

Sue Kerr, editor of Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents:

“As a blogger and activist, I move back and forth between ‘LGBTQ’ and ‘gay’ as descriptors for my identity or the topic at hand. I don’t mind, because it is necessary to create change and a stronger community. Sometimes, however, I can lose my own identity as a lesbian…

“But there’s a certain power in the interlocked female symbols that resonates with me, a touchstone of sorts to help me remember that my identity is important and powerful and should be as visible as any other. The symbol goes hand-in-hand with the word.”

I actually submitted more words including reference to the irony of losing a sense of this identity even though my blog, my twitter handle and my email address all contain the word “lesbian.”  The growing emphasis on images in social media reminds me of the importance of LGBTQ imagery. I’m part of the LGBTQ community, but it is fine and appropriate and necessary for me to value my visibility as a lesbian.

I was also a little stoked to see that Wilson Cruz also contributed to the piece. Plus, he RT’d my share of the link. Plus, he followed me on Twitter. I’m a little fan girl after all. I also connected with Sarah Toce of  The Seattle Lesbian and Faith Cheltenham of BiNet USA (a site I frequently cite and share) as well as meet Geena Rocero of GenderProud.

But the best thing about the piece was a chance to learn more about other symbols – I had no idea there was a pansexual pride flag, but of course there is. You’ll get the most impact from this piece if you watch the slideshow version.

One thing I really like about my current logo is interlocking women’s profiles – it reminds me of the interlocking female symbols and yet it also suggests women having a dialogue, sometimes even with our interior selves.

LOGOPGH  BlogBizCardImage








So now my quest is to find art that reflects this symbol. We have coffee cups, true enough. But I think something a bit more accessible on a day to day basis would be useful.

Do any of these symbols resonate with you? Image: Mashable
Do any of these symbols resonate with you? Image: Mashable



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