Adventures in CSA: Chapter One

This summer, Ledcat and I took the plunge and signed up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share through Kretschmann Farm. We get one delivery of fruits/veggies a week plus one chicken per month. 

Today, Ledcat picked up our first delivery. How exciting. We had no real idea what to expect, but here’s what arrived:

CSA share
The inspector is checking items for us.

CSA share


The farmers (Don and Becky) send us a handy little email with an update and an overview of what to expect. We found a loaf of whole grain bread which was an unexpected treat. We also found lettuce, broccoli, and chard. We figured out the herbs and Ledcat sent a picture of the items we couldn’t identity to our friend Jeanette.

Ledcat “Well, my grandpa didn’t grow kale up in Mercer County in the 1970’s.”

Ha, so much for the farm girl.

We chose Kretschmann because they are an organic farm and we want to support that. We also wanted to get chicken that’s actually tasty, not all salt. We also prepared by purchasing a composter so we won’t absolutely waste items we can’t use or give to our neighbors/coworkers. I’m already overwhelmed by the quantity of herbs.

Tomorrow, I will be preparing my first swiss chard dish. Ledcat is already sure she won’t like it. She can eat bread!


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