What is The Person in Line at the Grocery Store Thinking About?

Here are some things we probably never have to think about. The person in line ahead of you at the grocery store might be thinking about this all of the time.  Note – these are suggestions from websites. I make no claims to their effectiveness, simply pointing out that they exist.

How to Stretch Shampoo and Make it Last Longer

Things to Use When You Run Out of Deodorant

How to Make a Bar of Soap Last Forever

  • Use scraps to make your own bar (requires access to a stove and some sort of molds)
  • Use the scraps to make laundry detergent. 
  • Multiple tips on how to shower when you run out of soap (again, several food products)
  • Put the scraps in an old stocking and use it outside for your garden hose or in the basement or whereever you need to wash hands and can’t easily put a bar of soap.

Other interesting suggestions I never thought about

  • Use a panty liner in a sweaty shoe to avoid an odor.
  • Five foods you can use to freshen your breath if you run out of toothpaste.

This is quite an array of thrift, DIY and even urban homesteading skills combined with good old fashioned survival. But there’s a distinct difference between choosing to embrace these alternative personal care techniques and having no choice.

Having no choice is when you live in a homeless shelter or your car or in apartment with 7 other people because your brother and his family were evicted. Having no choice is when you have limited or no access to a kitchen and utensils to slice, dice, mix and cook these various recipes into fruition. I know several local homeless programs that offer “make you own laundry detergent” as a socialization opportunity.

Cathy’s Closet is helping people have choices. Thanks to the ladies at the Spring Fling this past April, we already have a little supply of items that were neatly organized by one of the GLCC interns. These items will be gone lickety split and the shelf is only available because of some neat rearranging of other items. Your financial donation of $10 right now will help us get even closer to a fully operational personal care closet.

A simple setup for Cathy's Closet - we need your help to grow!
A simple setup for Cathy’s Closet – we need your help to grow!


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