How Tom Michalow Proved He Is An LGBTQ Ally With One Envelope

Remember when I was discussing how not to ask a lesbian household for a donation? That discussion was picked up by non-profit fundraisers as part of a larger issue of simply how to address increasingly diverse families in manners that are respectful across multiple cultures. It has been interesting to participate in those discussions, but  not always satisfactory.

It was satisfactory to come home today and find a 100% perfect letter from “Friends of Tom Michalow” – Michalow is launching a campaign for State Representative in the 20th Legislative District, a seat currently held by Adam Ravenstahl.

Here’s the envelope:


Addressed to both of us, using our first and last names? Yes.

Our names are in alphabetical order? Yes (This isn’t really a concern but it is a nice way to manage this.)

The letter itself again uses both of our names and includes a personal note from Tom addressed to me – which is perfectly fine because I know Tom much better than Laura does.

This is how you show your respect for LGBTQ families – you put some time and energy into the “little things” that convey your grasp of how just how hard those “little things” can be when they accumulate day after day after day.

Plus, you hold your fundraiser on Lincoln’s birthday – really we are just wonkish enough to completely love that.

Let’s clean “the House” and elect yet another progressive Democrat to represent the real values of our region. 

Tom Michalow
Tom with Laura before his first interview with LGBTQ media (our defunct podcast) 2009.

I’ll have another post up soon with more details on this race and why it matters. For now, I simply want to say that sometimes it really is the straight white men who stand with all families.


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