Let’s Tax Fireworks to fund Veterans Programs in Pennsylvania

Texas has a “special tax” on fireworks to fund rural fire departments. I think that makes sense – there’s a clear connection between stupid people who intentionally set things afire and rural fire department resources.Fireworksstand2

I propose a similar tax – 2% – on the sale of fireworks in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to fund programs for veterans. That’s simple enough. If people want to celebrate their freedom/independence/baseball games – fine – but let’s tap into that mentality and do some concrete good. Help those who did come back and help the families of those who did not.

I’m not suggesting this go to the VA – not at all, that’s a federal system and would require a federal tax. I’m suggesting PA use the money to fund programs here in PA for veterans – housing, job training, mental health, college tuition, food, service animals, and more. The state could dedicate funding to Operation Standdown. The programs to fund already exist and already demonstrate their success.

At most of the firework events or holidays, we honor our soldiers/troops/sailors. Why not put our money where our mouth is and ensure that they have access to the services they deserve? If you spend $100 on fireworks (not to use in PA of course!), you’ll pay an additional $2.00. TWO DOLLARS. Is that asking too much?


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