Down With Gays; Up With Bus Service to Brackenridge?

The readers of the Tribune Review never fail to amuse and delight me. TribLogo

Reader Frank Herold of Lower Burrell chimed in on two very important issue – gays and public transportation.

Re. the Amesh Adalja letter, “God, gays & the Constitution” (April 11): I do not concur with his opinion.

The writer should remember that God’s law will be here long after man’s law is gone.

But I do agree with Mark Sarver’s letter, “Local bus service” (April 11). We need to bring bus service back to Natrona and Brackenridge.

LOL. But what exactly did Amesh Adalja (a frequent letter to the editor contributor) propose?

And as Sterling Sorrow writes in “In defense of gay marriage” (March 10), “the Constitution, not the Bible, is the law of the land. We don’t live in a theocracy where the word of God is law.” He is absolutely correct. Those seeking to prohibit same-sex marriage are, essentially, advocating a Christian version of Sharia law.

OK, I admit – you sort of need a chart to keep up with this crew. But Adalja (and Sorrow) are referencing the point that civil rights are defined by the Constitution, not the Bible – so it doesn’t matter what the Bible says or might say or sort of says.  Herold and frequent letter writers Archie Atkinson and Rudy Gagliardi simply ignore that fact and submit a litany of Christian based reasons to impose their personal values on my family.

I can’t wait to see Atkinson and Gagliardi respond to the Sharia law reference!

LGBTQ folks + buses!
LGBTQ folks + buses!

BTW, yes – more bus service is good! The gays generally agree with that!

A few other Trib letter to the editor “shout outs”

Josh McIntyre of Latrobe responds to Pat Buchanan (oh boy)

Buchanan may argue that a “common faith and moral code once held this country together.” But he forgets that people of all faiths and moral codes have evolved us from the disenfranchisement of other minorities in the past.

Nancy Jo Lauso of Baldwin shared her thoughts on the “rainbow flag at City Hall” story.

Until a study is done that proves that a gay or lesbian married couple living next door to me would have impacted my 50-year marriage, I’ll let each person decide for him- or herself whom they want to love.

Perhaps we should pay attention to a person who has been married for 50 years?

Thank you to everyone who takes time to write their own letter. When are you submitting yours?


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