Changed Your Avatar? Next Step – Email Senator Casey

This post fuses two interesting themes.

  1. Did the great avatar swap on Facebook have any impact?
  2. US Senators are now coming out in support of marriage equality, 9 Democrats left.



So yes – you can demonstrate that changing your avatar had an impact, on you. How? By contacting US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) and urging him to support marriage equality. It will take two additional minutes and you have your choice of methods

What do you say? Here’s what Equality PA suggests

As thousands of gay and lesbian couples across Pennsylvania are doing the hard work of raising kids and building strong families, we shouldn’t have to worry that DOMA will deny us the ability to protect our families when we need to most.

Senator Casey, do what’s right for Pennsylvania families!

I’d suggest:

.@SenBobCasey, I live in PA and deserve equal protection under the law. Pls support #marriageequality

It is simple way to demonstrate that your support for our families goes beyond a fun Facebook moment. For what its worth, the visual impact of the red avatars was very powerful for me – it shifted something in me to witness so much love and support. Thank you for making that happen.

I hope now I can count on you to keep up the momentum. Pennsylvania is going to have a long drawn out transition to marriage equality – decades perhaps. We need strong leadership now to support my family and all of our LGBTQ sisters and brothers in Pennsylvania.


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