Don’t Put the Cart Before the Horse Just Yet

Two huge national stories are almost sort of kind of breaking. Chick-fil-A has promised not to fund hate with their corporate profit. The Boy Scouts might stop requiring discrimination based on sexual orientation – it will be optional. horse cart

I am not being a smartass. I’m being deliberately skeptical because both of these organizations have stepped into these waters in the past. So I think it wise to wait for the ink to dry lest we settle for too little, too soon.

First, Chick-fil-A. Really, do you want to go back there? I think we have a case of wanting to have our sandwich and eat it, too. I can’t imagine that we could ever ever trust the Cathay family given how often they’ve misled the public about the nature of their WinShape Foundation.  In reality, they can donate to whomever they want to support whatever causes they want. Do you really think it will ever be different? This is not some great moral victory. It is business – campus and universities have business that Chick-fil-A wants and Campus Pride is in the way. End of story. I’m so exhausted by reading about this. If you eat at this business, accept that people are going to judge you by the company you keep. The choice is always your no matter how the funding in spun.

The Boy Scouts – a different issue. Decentralizing the decision-making over sexual orientation bans is a step in the right direction and something that many, many people should be proud making happen. It isn’t perfect (like Chick-fil-A) but it is also not a business – it is an organization that shapes the lives of so many young men in nation. Opening the door for the local councils to focus on their good work and letting go of this hate will be wonderful. If it happens. Changing a policy supported by the Supreme Court will be wonderful. If it happens.

My fear is that people will jump too soon and move on to other issues. Judging by the 13 petitions I received today asking 13 diferent Boy Scout councils to change their policies … people aren’t even being strategic about it. I mean, let’s let the decision actually be made before we start pummeling the councils. How awesome would it be if they made the decision to change their policies on their own? Or had a chance to do so? Or if people living in their regions signed petitions?

I’m not sure what the best approach is at this point, but I am somewhat sure that the right wing is not going to take this without a fight. The young men will continue to be fodder in the so-called culture wars and that’s what we might want to focus on right now.

So I asked our resident expert, contributor Jen Tyrrell and she is issuing a call to action for us to all get involved.

Call the Boy Scouts’ national office at 972-580-2330 and tell them you hope they’ll vote yes on allowing gay scouts and leaders. When you call, the person who answers will ask if you support the proposed policy change. Just say “yes” and you’re done!

I am pleased that my Boy Scout affiliated friends on Facebook – from Pgh and beyond – seem to approve this alleged change and that makes me very happy.

Make those calls. The welfare of boys in our nation is more important than a chicken sandwich. Right?


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