New Directions – Closing Chapter of

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged very often in 2011. Other issues, other projects and … a waning interest. I didn’t vote in November. I am starting to question some of my core beliefs and where I fit in the political continuum. I suspect slighty left and down if it is a three dimensional model.  Not sure.

A lot has happened DADT has been repealed. The federal DOMA is up for repeal (long battle.) Shake ups at major Gay Inc organizations are rocking the core of LGBT organizing around the nation as the battle for money, power and message continues. Grassroots versus Beltway. State organizers on the ground versus state affiliates of national groups. Legislation that is transinclusive versus legislation that has a better chance to pass. These are not unfamiliar battles, there’s just a hell of a lot more money, power and access at stake.

I have grown tired. It requires immense effort to sort through the news, find reliable sources and give it the Pittsburgh/PA spin. Frankly, I thought there would be dozens of LBGT blogs by now. Here. In Pittsburgh. There’s a lot of folks on Twitter and that’s helpful. I often take the easy way out and post good stories on Twitter and/or Facebook.

There’s also been fallout personally. I encountered a political roadblock, suspected it was due to blogging (and hopefully not gross incompetence) and asked for some advice. Resounding silence. Not even a “that sucks, wish there was something i could do” type of message. Just silence.

Mind you, I’ve been asked to join about 3,000 host committees for candidates even when I point out very honestly that I am not working for a salary and cannot do that. The offers keep coming. Probably not so much after they read this.

I don’t want political favors. I just wanted someone to listen for a few moments and give me some feedback.  Even if I didn’t like what they had to say …

I also learned today that a project I worked hard on for months and months, using social media and my networking tools … they decided to play ball with an organization that isn’t from here. That story will break soon. Including email messages of broken promises and what will hopefully not be a completely inept outcome.

I think the time has come to put this little blog to bed. I’m torn, but I don’t think I can accomplish much else because I have no intention of promoting anyone’s agenda. I also am really pissed off that people who tweet me at 2 AM can’t respond to one simple email.

So many balls in the air. What to do? I definitely do not want to “unretire” in a few months. Or use this as a gimmick. If you have thoughts, please share either via comments or via email, etc.

So I’m still here …



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