Outdoor movies, swimming pools & where the hell is Flagstaff Hilll?

Yesterday was a productive day here at Lesbian Central.  We both had the day off and got started early with a quick blog, a bagel and a several errands.  Stopped by Construction Junction to donate a microwave (poked around, but came up empty handed)and then had lunch at The Quiet Storm.  I have to admit I was not a huge fan of the macaroni and cheese.  I prefer cheddar.  But the lemonade was great and Ledcat always enjoys her hummus.  It was a nice lunch — quiet, calm and friendly staff.  Next time, I'm gonna try one of the yummy salads.

We managed to fit in a quick dip at the local pool which was empty for about15 minutes.  Just as we were leaving, some dude jumped the fence and appeared to be very disoriented.  I have to applaud the lifeguards for handling that situation really well.  They emptied the pool and organized everyone into manageable clumps.  I mean I didn't even realize what was happening, but suddenly there were lifeguards everywhere.  I was really impressed with the young man who was keeping the man calm until the police arrived.  Which I think took a really long time given that this was a public pool filled with children, but that's just me.  So, hug a lifeguard today.

Anti-climatic to say we hit the farmer's market.  The apple man did not disappoint us — crunchy tart apples and cider.  We also picked up some corn and zucchini bread from the Amish stand (a new one for this market).  The corn guy gave us two extra ears.  Guess what we are having for dinner?

We were debating catching a movie, but nothing really appealed to us. Then Ledcat remembered that Pink Party Productions was sponsoring an outdoor flick at Schenley Park.  So we packed up some eats, grabbed our chairs and headed for the park.  Only to realize we weren't exactly sure where Flagstaff Hill was.  You know, you kind of think you know, only you don't.  You drive around the park and realize that Pittsburgh Parks really suck at putting up decent signage.  We found the gay's mens cruising spot with no problems, but everyone was a little busy for us to ask directions.  Then we asked a guy at the frisbee place and he told us.  Then we felt like idiots.  It almost ruined my whole evening.  I hate feeling stupid.  Maybe they should put the lifeguards in charge of signage b/c if you aren't sure exactly where you are heading, you just aren't welcome at the citiparks.  Besides, the lifeguards are out of work anyway. 

So, eventually we get there and it appears the first movie is only a few minutes into the story.  It was this really awesome outside movie about a slasher lesbian camping trip.  So bad that it is good, ya know what I mean?  Plus, the killer was named Susan and that felt appropriate after my whole “Where the fuck is Flagstaff Hill?” ordeal.  And I knew it was her after like 5 minutes. 

So the lesbian slasher film restored my good mood. Even though we were the only people in lawn chairs — that made me feel dowdy. We left before the 2nd flick (Paris is Burning) because it was cold (ah, blessed to be cold again).  Then we encountered another “I feel old” moment when we ended up having to jump off this two and a half foot wall.  I may have mentioned that I have a little fracture in my foot that never really heals and wall-jumping is definitely on the lists of “must avoids.”  This nice young women helped us down and called me “ma'am.”  So I was crushed.  But not literally and that's what matters.

This was our first Pink Party Productions event.  It was a great idea and it would be fun to do again, even in cooler weather.  I could smell autum in the air yesterday.  While we were swimming, I looked up and remember how it felt as a kid to be back in school, but still have the pool open — chlorine and homework are not a good mix.

I'm hoping someone will tell me the name of the lesbian slasher film.  And, another shout out, this time to the ladies (and men?) who attended the event.  People were really quiet and respectful.  I mean they were murmuring, but it didn't disrupt the movie.  So, kudos to you, respectful queer women!

Today, I cleaned out my car and discovered that my experiments with the dog ramp have freaked out my dog so that he won't go near the car, even with bologna.  Serious problem.  He can ride in the Civic, but the drool factor is most significant.  So, you know that means that with Mona's chemo all done (she's cancer free!), I'm just going to spend $$ on some archane treatment for Deus. 

I mean, he won't go near the car even for bologna?  That's one traumatized dog. 

I don't think there are any queer events on our calendar in the coming weeks.  Anything going on we should check out? 


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  • Here is somthing for the Pittsburgh Gaydar and glad to hear you came out. We will try to clarify things in the future.
    Goodbye Summer Party!!

    Saturday September 1st
    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

  • I should have deduced that. 🙂 Thanks!
    Don't worry about more clear. The park people should think about those things. I guess we thought we kinda knew where it was and figured there would be adequate signs to point us in the right direction. Very Pittsburgh — just assume people knew where the Phar-Mor used to be (or the barn burned down 10 years or where the picnic is held every year) and they'll get there just fine.
    But you told us where it was so no probls on that end.
    Ice cream sounds fun. Why did you pick this place instead of Klavons? Idly curious.

  • Well a friend of ours offered us the space we didn't seek it out. And just as one more point of enticement for tonight. There will be both an outdoor deck and dance floor at the party. And with weather like this why would any one want to party inside.

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