Dessert, Bingo, and the Zoo — A Gay Bonanza in Pittsburgh (plus other stuff)

First, some upcoming queer things to do in Pittsburgh …

OUTrageous Bingo is this Saturday, September 15 at Goodwill's building on the Southside.  This is a good time and benefits two local causes — the GLCC and Shepherd Wellness Center. 

Dining for Diversity” also takes place Saturday evening from 9 – 11:30 @ SPACE downtown.  Wine, dessert, silent auction, dessert, lesbians, dessert … it is all good.  This event benefits GLENDA.  How cool is this — GLENDA will take the proceeds from their silent auction and donate them to another organization, Shepherd Wellness Center.  GLENDA volunteers do a lot of good stuf for my foster care program so I am all about them. 

GAY DAY at the Zoo” will be Sunday, September 16.  I love the zoo and I love gays, but I also love to wear clean clothes so I'll be at home that day 🙁  

Square Cafe — Jamie Anderson and Tracy Drach play some tunes on Friday, September 21 from 7:30 – 10:00 PM.  Our friends invited us and there is hummus so we are there. 

Singer/Songwriter – Check out transgender singer/songwriter Namoli Brennet on Weds Sept 26 from 12 PM – 1 PM at the William Pitt Union.  I'll be at a conference that day.

2007 ImPAct Conference for Young Professionals – Actually, this is rather nice. I attended a few years ago and heard James Carville speak. I like networking events and I believe that young professionals should become foster parents, so I am spending my weekend mingling with YAP.   I get to hear Chris Heinz and, wait for it …. Luke.  This takes place the final weekend of the month.  We need more young LGBTQ professionals attending these events to keep things diverse.

Other stuff …

I caught this in the Beaver County Times.  Written by the editorial staff …

One aspect of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig's conduct in a men's bathroom at the Minneapolis airport has been overlooked.
The Idaho Republican claims the reason the undercover police officer saw his hand under the stall wall, which the officer said was a signal for willingness to participate in gay sex, was that Craig was reaching for a piece of toilet paper that was on the floor.
That fails the sniff test. How many of you have ever reached down in a public restroom to pick up a piece of toilet paper off the floor?

So what can you say to that?  There's no name or location to indicate some jerk wrote this as a letter to the editor.  It seems the editors thought of this all by themselves.  Who uses the phrase “sniff test” in this type of story?  Ick, ick, ick.

On another front, BlogActive's Mike Rogers will no longer be reporting on closeted Congressional staffers who work for anti-gay legislators.  He will focus his efforts on the elected officials and candidates for public office themselves.  Rogers broke the story on Robert Traynham, former staff to former Senator Rick Santorum, and Lee Cohen, former PR guru for former Congresswoman Melissa Hart.  Rogers claims that staffers have been feeding him tips, indicating that they've heard his message loud and clear (hypocrites not welcome).  Yahoo has said of Rogers “He's starting to make Capitol Hill look like Brokeback Mountain.”  That cracks me up …

A recent poll shows that nearly 2/3 of Americans think it is unfair that someone is fired because of their sexual orientation.  Read more about it here.


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